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I already have a few posts about the toys I used in the promotional videos for (People still writes me saying “I was going to buy a dildo and I found your face! )

Anyway, Mr. Bluff and Realidad Virtual 2 were my first experiences in the world of erotic toys … today I’ll talk about the anal tok!


You will not see many scenes of myself where I insert something between the buttocks. In my private life I can enjoy an occasional anal sex, but I just still don’t like to do it in front of the camera. Anyways, the third most searched word by the users of this blog is “anal” . Well here you have some anal.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.04.05 AM

This dildo is extremely soft, with an elastic texture made of silicone. It doesn’t smell like plastic and is very, very easy to use. And there is a version in pink, What more could you want!

I personally find it a good choice for those men and women.
 who want to try anal. The balls increase in size gradually and you cannot feel the difference.

Bad things? Vibration . Not a big bad thing, but I personally think that vibration distracts me more than excites me. Sure, it’s as easy as pressing the button to turn it off.

Good things? Very soft consistency and perfect size …And it’s waterproof!

(Maybe the men with prostate can understand more than me the vibration.)

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.02.37 AM

Now that I check the video, I am reminded that I also used the lubricant “Desliz”, pineapple flavour. Great for those who love the lubricants with flavors, sweet and very easy to use <3  


Producido por Hagapornis para amantis.
copyright amantis 2013 (
actriz:amarna miller
direccion camara y edicion: Sandra O
segundo camara y ayudantede edicion: David Fernandez.

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