Working in Budapest : Rocco Siffredi for Evil Angel (3)

It’s cold and I wear several layers of clothing before grabbing my bag and go outside. It’s soon, barely 7 am, and Budapest is empty.

My driver, the Hungarian Csaba, waves his hands from across the street. Once in the car, he explains me that today I have to make two trips: Rocco ‘s house is on the outskirts of Budapest, so his personal driver will take me and the other actress directly there.

We arrive at the meeting point with the other driver in the intersection of two busy streets, where the Belgian actress Lula Boobs is already waiting . I can not wait to do the shoot of today!
Rocco Siffredi is a porn legend, the incarnation of the golden age of cinema X. And I, as an addict to the topic, know his life and filmography from the beginning to the end.

On the way I’m talking to Lula. She is a gorgeous redhead, fetish and latex model specialized in making shibari performances. She’s scared. Is her first shoot in Budapest and she will do anal with Rocco .

The buildings give way to countryside and village houses. We arrive at a complex with several modern buildings and large doors. We go to the second block .

Incredible. Brutal. This looks like an amusement park.

There are drones and remote controle airplanes hanging from the ceiling, that is more that 10 meter high. A collection of dozens of motorcycles neat on the side of the room, followed by a few quads and buggies .
The other half of the building is occupied by a few tables where we can see different tools. Probably to build the airplanes and drones hanging everywhere.

On front of me there is a climbing wall. Yes, a full climbing wall.

There’s a metal staircase with photos on each side. The life and work of Rocco Siffredi is in those walls .
There are pictures made by Terry Richardson everywhere, and I’m infatuated with this photograph:


We arrive at what appears to be the counter of a bar. There are stickers that say “Rocco ‘s world” everywhere. His face looks at us from every chair, every table and every wall. Welcome to Rocco’s world, girls.

We go to the next room, where the makeup artist is waiting for us . We left our suitcases and took the documentation: Passport , ID and STD tests .

A helper is responsible of making photocopies of all our documentation, while we continue exploring the room. There are infinite clothes everywhere, categorized by size, styles and colours.

The assistant is looking at us and smiling he press a button on the side of the room.
An infernal noise surprise us: a metal door located on the wall starts to rise up, as if we were in the Batcave. But instead of futuristic weapons we have in front of us hundreds of shoes of all kinds, sizes and colours, endless clothing and a whole shelf full of jewels, necklaces and hair ornaments. Lula and I looked each other and started laughing .

After trying a few outfits they give me a pink schoolgirl uniform that l loved so much!


Once my outfit was chosen, it was time to take the clothes for the voluptuous Lula Boobs. And no uniform could fit in that tits, so they change also my clothes. From girlie schoolgirl to gothic mistress with a black vinyl dress, red fishnet stockings and leather boots.

Rocco came with a smile and talked with us in English. Is higher than I imagined and very attractive, it seems incredible that this man is about to turn fifty years! He is delighted with the little bush that I have in my pussy. There are not many girls who want to be with hair, he says.


We entered in another gigantic building, used as a location for the shoots. The scene will be shoot in a big red sofa in the middle of the living room.
First the photographer took a few pictures of me an Lula alone, while I use a whip and make bad girl faces


After a while Rocco joined us, already dressed in a gray shirt , dark trousers and shiny black shoes. We started taking pictures of the three together, that seem more like an acrobatic showcase than a sex session. Leg there, boobs here. Impossible positions everywhere.

We make a break to retouch our make-up and start with the video. The story is as follows: I, playing the role of an evil mistress, take my new submissive Lula as great gift to Rocco, who can do with her what he wants. Of course this is translated into a wild sex session with anal included, that I supervise with sadistic attitude .

When we are about to start shooting, we live the magic moment of the day: a bee enters on the film set, big as my thumbnail and making more noise than ten fans. Rocco screams “Throw it away! It’s going to ruin the sound! ” And here we have Rocco Siffredi, his photographer and an assistant jumping back and forth and throwing cushions to hunt the insect.

They finally throw away the bee and we start the shoot.


I enter the room with Lula tied with a white collar, and offer her to Rocco for using her in the way he wants. He starts fucking her savagely while slapping her boobs and ass. He slaps so hard one breast that I can see in the foreground how a giant purple bruise takes shape at the side of her boob . (In fact, you can see the bruise in a casting with Pierre Woddman a few days later !)

The shooting is intense and very long , but absolutely great. Rocco is extremely dominant and I do not leave easily that someone overwhelm me, so I ruffled until I impose upon him. I grab his neck to choke him and put my fist in his mouth, releasing my dominant personality .

We finished the shoot with all the makeup gone, the stockings broken and aching body. But it was worth it, I can not wait to see it! Probably this is one of the best shoots I’ve ever done.


Rocco is really happy with me, and calls the agency to say I’m brilliant. He tells me he wants to shoot me ASAP. So we agree in repeat with other scene on April 2nd. Perfect!

The whole scene will be published in a movie for Evil Angel, Maybe a new version of “Rocco’s slaves”? 🙂

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