Working in Budapest: Meeting with Mario Salieri (2)

We reached the street Dorottya, in Budapest ‘s fifth district. Ahead we have elegant restaurant, whose facade is topped with a red neon sign that says “Aranceto“.

We enter. A girl comes up to us and ask us in Italian “You want table for two people?”. No, thank you very much, we have come to see Mario. She look at us with a face of surprise. Yes, Mario Salieri.

She leads us to the last table in the restaurant and a two-meter man dressed with a perfect combination of suit and white shirt, stands up to greet us.
He wears wire-rimmed glasses and has the deep eyes of who has seen a lot. He is big, strong and exudes charisma for each pore of his body.

In a perfect English with Italian accent, he tell us to sit on another table. He pulls up a chair and sits beside me. So, Amarna right?. Yes, Amarna. Spanish, with experience in the industry and extremely interested in participating in one of your movies.

Now comes the talk of rigor. What are your limits in a scene? Do you like acting? How many languages ​​do you speak?. He asks me the exactly questions to find out what can he expects from me. He has it perfectly studied, and it seems that he’s happy with my answers.

Perfect Amarna, we’ll start shooting my next film in a couple of weeks, we will discuss the details later. Now, my friend wants to dedicate you a song.

He points across the restaurant, where an Italian dressed with a color vest is standing with a Spanish guitar. He moves his hand and touch the strings, approaching to me and standing next to my table. He looks into my eyes.

He starts singing the song “Cuando calienta el Sol” of Luis Miguel, and his voice is so deep that it completely fills the room. The clients turn around to look at him and I’m clouded with the voice that it’s coming out of his throat.
Mario joins the song, and gradually all the people of the restaurant make the chorus.
When he finishes, the walls are still reverberating with the power of his tone.

Everyone applauds. He makes a small break and continue singing , this time in Italian. All the restaurant is accompanying the song and encouraging him: “Bravissimo!”.
I can read on the guitar the name “Vittorio” written in colorful letters, and I wonder if he will be a famous singer.

Salieri can not stop laughing, sprawled on the seat and singing with his heart out. He looks at me and says “You’re not Spanish, you’re British! I want you in my next film . Tell me in what dates you are available.”

The song ceases. We will se each other soon, good night. He kisses my hand and leaves.


These days in Budapest are being interesting, no doubt.

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