Working in Barcelona (3): XConfessions

After my collaboration on the first DVD of XConfessions with the scene “Sit down, Shut up and watch”, I wanted to repeat working with Erika.
His production company, Erika Lust Films, gives a high importance to aesthetics, technical quality and artistic discourse. Cinematography focused in porn.

With them I shot three awesome scenes. I leave here the summary for you start imagining…

# 1 Do you find my feet suckable

Guy fantasizes about a girl who is sitting in the library. He thinks of her body as he draws, looking at her figure… until finally dares to crawl under the table and start sucking her bare feet. They end up fucking on the tables of the library.

#2 Cómeme

A lot of “dirty talking”, kisses on the neck, tongues ​​licking the bare skin and an amazing cunnilingus in the end.

# Quickie

A couple is making dinner while waiting for their guests. Almost when they arrive, the couple decide to have sex on the kitchen counter. A fast quickie, full of passion. And with a mulatto boy!

And here , all the possible clothes that I introduced to Erika to wear during the films. What did we choose? Soon you will know here…

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