Why I do not shoot anal scenes?

Honestly, I’m really tired of this question.

I thought to include this post in my “FAQ” because it is certainly one of the things that people ask me more in ask.fm, but then I realized that it is not just a problem of this platform. Absolutely through everywhere, including email, twitter, interviews and even in my blog, I receive daily messages in which you ask me when I’m going to give “the next step in my career.”

Now, I will tell you a few secrets of porn:

1- Before making an anal scene, you give yourself an enema. Sometimes enemas are not 100% effective and you cover on shit, literally, your partner and the film set.

2- Enemas destroy your intestinal flora. If you use them often it can cause you serious health problems.

3- Before shooting anal sex, you shouldn’t eat (unless you want point one to multiplies x1000). This means you can be 5, 6, 8 or 10 hours fasting until you shoot your scene.

4- When you start doing anal on screen, all the producers want you to shoot anal sex with them. And if you record every day (which is my case) that means that you are fucked in the ass almost every day of the week. Go back to point two, and the serious health problems.

5- There are many consequences, not as strange as you may think, that came from perform anal sex as it is done in porn: Broken sphincters, anal prolapses, lacerations, wounds, and a long list of absolute horror.

Now that you know how much fun it is to make anal sex in front of the cameras, here comes the question: When will you start recording anal scenes?
When I want. It’s just that clear. It may be this year, it may be next year or it may be never.

Because sexual practices has to be something you do for pleasure, not an obligation or yielding to pressure from producers or fans who think you’re not a complete actress until you do absolutely everything. And considering the physical and psychological consequences resulting from start doing this practice I want to be clear, very clear, before taking the plunge.

Having said all this, I answer the big question: Do I like anal? Yes, occasionally and in my personal life.


  1. Even though I REALLY like anal scenes, I agree that I used be really be disappointed if a when a a girl Ireally liked started doing anal, the latest being Bonnie Rotten. I was, and still do have a terrible porncrush on her and I felt like someone violated her when her first anal scenes came out. I particularly HATE Mike Adriano scenes because they’re TOTALLY devoid of any emotion/excitement, feature basically one camera angle and completely mechanical. Though I enjoy her anal scenes, it’s just, well, different now. An adult entertainers debut anal scene can be incredible if done correctly, announcing it in advance and building excitement. I almost lost my shit when my favorite pornstar of all time, Juelz Ventura announced she’d shoot her first anal scene when she reached a certain # of twitter followers ( I think it was 5 or 10 thousand at the time). It too about 8 months and I about died of the anticipation! Same with Madison Ivy but she just drew it out too long. That being said I have ALL your Virtual Girl cards and have you dancing around on my desktop all day and can’t get enough of you! Your reasons for now shooting anal scenes are amazingly well thought out. However I admit that if and when you decide to shoot an anal scene I’ll be a happy man….

    1. Thank you for your comment Mark ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy that you have me dancing on your desktop!! Maybe you can take a screenshot and post it on twitter/facebook/here so I can see it? I’d be very happy!

      Regarding what you say: I used to enjoy see anal sex on porn videos but since I’m in porn and I see the “behind the scenes” of the porn movies…I cannot see anal ๐Ÿ™ too many girls are doing it because of the pressure and not because they like it. <3

    2. bonnie rotten now has anal prolapse issues

    3. Your wrong buddy mike adriano clearly makes the best anal scenes thats why everyone goes to him, and his videos do have exitement with multiple angles you must not be watching clearly

  2. Im men and i hate anal and dp i think this is gay behavior . i love pussy sex best sex
    in my opinion please dont do anal scene you dont need to this shit.

    1. Yup. Experimenting is one thing but these poor butt holes are taking a beating all to frequent…

      You might hear people say “practicing anal”.
      If you stick to pussy you dont have to practice or prepare shit.
      Pussy is meant for sex and assholes are meant to shit.. lmao

  3. I’ve only just recently discovered your scenes and I must say you’re a delight to watch.
    In my opinion, there’s plenty of anal eroticism that can be practiced without going for full-blown assfucking and that don’t require a lot of preparation.
    Done properly, scenes that include touching, licking, or light fingertip penetration can be done by and to both female & male actors without fear of losing bowel control and needing only careful bathing to get ready.

  4. I personally HATE anal, to do and to watch, im glad you arent doing it.

    Most scenes in porn today include anal, some of my favorites girls like Casey Calvert are doing anal in pretty much every scene and i can never see her in a normal scene, that’s annoying.

    Producers/directors think people want to see anal but in reality it’s just a minority part that want to see anal, they’re just more vocal about it.

    1. Yeah. it’s probably a trend. Like vaginal sex can’t do it. Hate it.

  5. Just discovered you recently, I am your devoted fun. I understand your concerns and I hope that whatever you decide to do you will be happy with it. However, I would love to see a dick in your crazy little pink lickable asshole. That should be an actor who is gentle for you and you are well prepared. I can even prepare you by myself by licking and kissing your ass before the scene. Can come whenever you want ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. There is nothing you just said that ISN’T creepy, show some fucking respect dude.

  6. Thanks you for that post. I enjoy watching anal scenes, but I do not want to do it with my gf. And she allows me to. I once watched threesome with two girls and one guy. Well, to spare the details. One girl was licking another girl’s inside ass, I mean her inside muscles ( or whatever that was) were outside and she licked it. I honestly just saw a picture of that. And that kept me out of toilet for a number 2 for a couple of days. This is disgusting…
    You’ve done a great list why not to do it. Aprreciate it.

  7. I love Anal. I like to watch woman in porn getting fucked in the ass and at the same time i put a dildo up my own ass and wonder how it feels to be that woman who get fucked in the ass… but I would never let a men put his dick up my ass… its just a fantasy… am i weird? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. alert(“hacked”);

  9. Informate bien chica di que no te gusta hacer el sexo anal y punto. LOS ENEMAS NO DESTRUYEN LAS MEMBRANAS NI LA FLORA INTESTINAL preguntaselo a un mรฉdico especialista pero no te inventes cosas.

    1. Estas en lo correcto… segun tengo entendido.. los enemas NO destruyen la flora intestinal

  10. Bullshit! You’ll go back to anal once you realize how much your rates goes down and the fact that there are 100 other women that will do the scene for the higher pay rate. You can also strike off dp’s and threesomes off your list. You pornstars are fucking delusional.

    1. Honey, I wrote this one year and a half ago. A lot of things have changed since then!

  11. And ma’am what is your take on these directors who seem to insist on doing ass-to-pussy w/o cleaning the cock or wearing a condom. One performer said that she put Betadine in her douche water afterwards, which I know can’t be very healthy not to mention the infections they probably get. My wife will no longer watch with me.

    1. If you maintain a good hygiene there is no problem in doing ass to pussy, and all the girls who practice anal do enemas before the scenes so there are actually not that many bacteria left ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. so… did you start doing anal sweetheart?

  13. I’m sorry Amarna but when is to much, to much? Just look how much porn has changed in 10yrs. Look how much Anal is being pushed.
    The answer is it’s never enough.First its anal, then ass to mouth, spiting in mouth, the eating ass gape, then getting pissed on by some ugly old sicko. It never stops until you become used up and not the hot thing anymore because there are 40 younger armatures that will follow the same path and do more. I have seen the hottest stars evolve from good sex to anal/pissing nasty shit. I literally saw Mike A.shove balls and shove a stick of butter in girls ass and bang them while it was in there. Sorry but that just shows you how open these rectums are. Then what ever goes in the girls ass goes in there mouth. I’m not making this up.
    Just look at anal acrobats to name one.
    I hate to say it but in real life most of the dirtiest girls don’t get down like that. Yall are the nastiest females on this planet.


  14. Big fan of you, h’ve already shoot anal sex?

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not yet!

  15. hey Armana hope u will be fine. after a keen study of your column . i reached that its a cruel act, and its not a part of sex. like every man a girl is also a human and we don’t have any right to give some1 pain or torture….But one thing is. the biggest name of porn stars like jayden james, lisa ann, jynx maze are the anal queens , are they addicted of anal or addicted of insult… these women are too much cruel to themselves….

    i am glad that you quit anal scene making… hope for the best…. May GOD keep you and your family under his blessings and Protection…….

    1. Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable if it’s done right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not a torture at all!

  16. Hi Amarna. Thanks for the very informative and interesting article. It’s nice to hear the perspective of someone with a “behind the scenes” view.

    I just a few questions about some of the points in your article, if you don’t mind..

    1) you mentioned that frequent enemas can affect intestinal flora and cause health consequences, can you explain what type of consequences there might be?

    2) you mentioned some of the physical consequences are tears, prolapses etc.. Aside from these are there any other consequences? I’ve heard that some pornstars have issues with bowel continence from doing anal scenes, is this true, and if so how common do you think it is?

    3) I’ve heard that some girls prefer to do around 2 anal scenes a week to recover, but I didn’t know that there were girls who did anal every day? Can the girls choose how many anal scenes to do, or does the agency choose? And if a girl is doing anal every day, how long until she burns out?

    4) you mentioned that there are some psychological, as well as physical consequences, what do you see as the psychological consequences?

    5) I read in your other article that a lot of girls just do anal for the money and don’t enjoy it. What percentage of girls would you say are like this?

    6) One thing that often goes together with anal scenes, is ATM. What do you think about ATM, and have you heard what other girls think about doing this?

    7) What do you think of the recent trend in popularity for “double anal” scenes. Have you seen “behind the scenes” view of these scenes? or do the girls tell you if the double anal scenes affect them more than the regular anal scenes? Do you think that this trend is good or bad?

    Sorry for the long post, but I found your articles very interesting..

    1. Hi Martel!
      I wrote this post more than one year ago and my opinions have changed since then. Basically, if you don’t abuse of enemas and take care of your body nothing bad should happen to you. The same with ATM, if you have a proper hygiene there are no problems with it.

      Regarding the number of anal scenes per week, I suppose it depends of the agency. In mine, I always have the right to reject any shoot so I can decide how many of them do I do per week.
      And about the percentage, I have truly no idea and giving subjective data is kind of dangerous ๐Ÿ˜‰

      My answer about the subject of the double anal shoots it’s kind of the same…There are girls that love it and girls that only do it because of the money. Both cases should be respected but personally I think that it’s more healthy to enjoy what you’re doing, obviously!

      Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Huge fan of you and thanks for the reply to our question…..seguire siendo tu fan hagas o no anal!! Sigue adelante!

  18. Does your colleague Amber Nevada have the same reason for not shooting anal?
    Seems like you’re getting along on that.

    1. I don’t know Dmitro! You should ask her ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways I wrote this entry long time ago and part of my thoughts about the matter have changed…I need to post some updates!

  19. Hie l am one of your fan.interesting article but l have a question about the guy inserting to the ass about physical injuries?

    1. I don’t understand your question Taknda! Are you asking me if the guys suffer form physical injuries for practicing anal sex?

  20. have you ever use dildo in your ass?

    1. Yes, you can purchase the scene in this same website ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Amarna can you answer me some question what in my mind from long time
        1. Is dp anal real and if it is real so why do this its never looks rejoice
        2. Why porn actress have sex in heels or socks
        3. And why put cum in face

        They all things we never do im real life

        1. Maybe the girls you know don’t do it, but generalizations are never good Pankaj ๐Ÿ™‚
          1-Yes, anal dp is real. And some girls like it for real.
          2-Because some companies ask you to do so.
          3-Some girls like it (Me included.)

        2. Facials started decades ago to prove that the sex was real. When porn started, people did not believe it was real sex. They thought it was only acting. So porn stars started cumming in faces to show the cum was real and not fake.

          It later turned into a fetish and people started liking facials. So it later became more of a requirement.

  21. Amarna me tome la molestia de Leer todo esto y es que la industria del porno es como las drogas, hoy usas Marijuana, maรฑana cocaina, pasado heroine hasta llegar a las drogas mas letales, asi es el porno, a diferencia que el porno no mata, yo creo que el final del porno es el anal, desde cuarquier punto de vista que se mire y es que ya nadie quiere ver escena soft y el publico pide escena mas fuerte y creo que el anal es que da ese placer a los seguidos del porno, en lo personal yo voy a las escena de anal porque es lo mas cerca que tendre a la realidad porque esas escenas ( vagina, pene ) son y se ven irreales no con esto estoy diciendo que Las escena anales son 100% reales con dolor, orgasmos y todo lo que esto implica, y es que todo fanatico del porno no solo te ve tenido sexo tambien se crea una imagen de; ahora quiero verla haciendo anal.

  22. Hi Amarma,huge fan of you
    I want to ask one Question and my Question is How old was you when you did sex first time?

  23. hi there?

  24. hi
    i’m your big fan
    i can’t wait to watch your anal scene anymore
    do it please ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Totally respectable your position.. it is done by who want it.. and who doesn’t want it… doesn’t do it.. that simple… but, what about in the intimacy with your partner?… do you like it?…I mean anal sex

    1. I can enjoy it, yes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I really like this post. Total obsession with anal in porn is just boring. There is too much of it. I’m glad that somebody has different opinion and not follows the crowd.

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