When your principles are worth more than money, or how to reject a scene because you don’t agree with the argument.

I’ve just rejected a $1,800 scene because the argument was racist. VERY racist. And I do not know whether to lift a banner and be proud of my principles or shoot me on the head while I think about all the things I can do with $ 1,800. Bungee jump in South Africa. Pay a trip to my parents. Diving in Australia. Buy three hundred kilos of sweets and put them in a pool. Make 1800 bloody airplanes with dollar bills.

Today is one of those key moments when you prove things to yourself.

Okey, yes! I feel proud. But write a lot of comments so my heart can overcome this loss 😛

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  1. What was the argument for? Context needed :p but whatever the reasons, principles are always better than money is most scenarios.

    1. Hi David! I just answered another comment that was asking about the argument…I don’t think this post is about that, and I don’t want to fall into gossiping. But if you want to talk about the border between morals, ethics, principles and money I’m more than happy to do it ^_^

      1. No worries. Fully respect your opinion and none desire to cause issue. Always have principles one of the few things people cant take. Only given away

  2. Racist? In what way?
    I’m curious 🙂

    1. I really do not like that many of you are asking about the argument. The argument does not matter, and talking about it would mean falling into sensationalism. This post is to talk about morals and principles, not gossip about any scenes.

      1. But I’m sure you can understand why people are curious to hear what the issue / argument was about… since you’re the one who introduced it into the discussion! 🙂

        And I’d suggest that the reasoning behind turning down the job is pretty central to a blog about morals and principles…


  3. Hi Amarna 1st I want to say how much I admire you for the work you
    do and for being so honest and open about it and your enjoyment of it. And from doing porn it allows you to do things you want to do like travelling, site seeing, adventures etc. it is also agood way to go about it…I’m jealous lol.
    Now getting back to question lol..I think standing up for your principles and not agreeing to do something that is so against them is also greatly to be admired, even more so when you say you are giving up something like a trip home or a holiday etc on the money you could make. It is better to be true to oneself and stand for what one believes in, however much it is worth.
    Keep up the blogs and pics etc cos I personally live them as do many others. Love your ever bubbly smiley face and personality and your positive attitude Amarna
    Much love xx
    ps..just want to know if your orgasms are real or fake lol?

    1. Thank you for all the nice words, Simon 😉 It’s a pleasure to read that someone admired you! Your question about the orgasms in my “FAQ”, here you have the link. Have a nice day and thank you for comment! xxx

  4. Good choice Amarna, had I seen the video I probably would have stopped following you. I follow you for your intelligence more so then your beauty.

  5. Hi,
    Being anti-racist is a very good thing and certainly “worth” a lot more than $1,800. So congratulations, you made the right choice.

  6. It isn’t a loss, Amarna. I won’t call you a hero, but you are a smart, strong person who isn’t afraid of standing up for the right thing. Maybe the racist movie was supposed to be funny. But it’s not.

    You don’t care what other people think of you. I imagine you get chastised a lot for even your participation in the profession. You have a heart and a mind of your own. And you know right from wrong.

    What you are talking about is money. But you feel it is ugly money. And that is your prerogative to walk away.

    But if you violated your principles what would you have? The next morning you would have the money. But you also would have the knowledge of how you got the money. In a period of time the money will be gone, but not how you sold out. That will be with you forever.

    Your friend Wayne.

  7. you are obviously correct. Imagine that you did the scene, and then felt serious regret about doing so. Would you pay $1800 or any amount of money to eradicate this association with something you despise? Money is great, but so is believing that you are not creating destructive discord in the world.

  8. A recent Amarna convert here 😉 the best decision is the one you take (a saying of my mom). If you followed your heart as it sounds you did then you should indeed feel proud. btw you look lovely even on your “fake regretting” pose.

    1. Thank you Pawlo 😛 (I practiced the pose before the picture hahaha)

  9. I applaud you. While it’s hard to turn down money and work, it’s much harder to live with yourself, especially when that one mistake can haunt you for a lifetime. Some people never learn this lesson, and some are smart and wise beyond their age <3

    1. Thank you Melissa 🙂 It’s a huge pleasure to hear that from you!! <3

  10. Has hecho bien Amaena. Hay cuestiones éticas que están por encima del dinero.

  11. Applause Amarna! Of course, it would be shortsighted to do that and it would hurt people which is against anything I believe in porn: everything is good as long as nobody does anything against their will or gets hurt emotionally or physically.

    Big admirer 🙂

  12. Hi Amana,

    I have to say I think you made an awesome choice. To many people are willing to compromise their morals or ethics for money, that you didn’t shows amazing strength of character and if nothing else I for one think that’s awesome

    Thanks for reading

  13. felicitaciones amarna. Los principios no tienen precio. Sin embargo hay que tener cuidado con confundir principios con limites, los que siempre son necesario expandir.
    Un abrazo

  14. Principles over money is a tough topic. I believe the less you need the money the easier it is to stand by your principles and thus, the less merit it has. If your dilemma was “bungee jumping in South Africa or staying away of some racist bullshit” its way too easy to do the right thing. “Paying rent or not being racist” is where doing the right thing becomes somewhat complicated. “Feeding my kids or not being racist” is where others might judge your decision as a bad decision.

    Of course, that’s not your case. I’ve just discovered you, I haven’t even had the time to watch any of your movies (feel free to recommend one), but I’ve read about your approach towards porn (i.e.: you do it because you like it, not because you need the money) so I already know you are nowhere near that kind of scenario (specially since you are a successful actress and seem smart enough to manage your finances).

    To sum up, you not only made the right decision, you made the only possible decision. Absolutely no reason to feel bad about it, you shouldn’t even consider doing an unethical job if you don’t have a real need for that money. If your principles are real and you truly are anti-racism, there’s no dilemma, you didn’t have a choice in the first place.

    And just to look at this from a different perspective, were this to be an great professional opportunity (because there’s an actor or a producer involved that you want to work with for whatever reason) then there’s a way around it: take the job (because someone will, so it’s not like you’re preventing the movie from happening) and then donate the money to an anti-racism organization. Professional growth and save your principles.

    1. Hi Javier! First of all, thanks for your comment.
      It’s a pleasure to know that you’ve already read about my approach to the industry even before watching any of my videos…such a compliment! (Regarding your question, I’d recommend you “Que es la pasión” with Juan Lucho for SexArt. Directed by Alis Locanta…pure passion and real sex).

      I totally agree with what you say: for me it’s easy to say yes because I don’t need the money but…how mane girls don’t need the money and say yes to tis kind of arguments? As performers and beyond all, as human beings, we should start to reject the racist/homofobic/machist videos! That’s just my opinion of course. And by the way I really love your tip about donating the money to an organization…Well, many thanks again!

  15. The whole point of making hard decisions is to accept them for what they trully are. HARD. You are not a stranger to those decisions, otherwise you would no be working in Porn. So congratulations for setting limits to yourself. My point is that 1800 Euros is peanuts compared to your self esteem.

    Congrats again.


  16. Sure… if it goes against your principles.. don’t. There is always other work. I worked all my life and on occasion I was asked to do things I had an ethical dilemma with.. and I refused.
    Don’t see why that shouldbedifferent for porn as it is for the so called ‘normal’ profession

  17. Meter trescientos kilos de golosinas en una piscina y zambullirme en ella es mi sueño y tú lo has rechazado. Algo se ha roto entre tú y yo.

  18. Amarna,

    I find it quite admirable to stand on your principles. No amount of money is worth your integrity and character. Honestly, those are probably the two most noble qualities we can have as individuals. It’s easy to give into immediate gratification but it takes a strong willed person to resist and do without. Cheers to you my dear. Well done!

  19. Tener principios puede ser deplorable, pero actuar con libertad y tomar decisiones asumiendo las consecuencias, es loable.

  20. Tener principios y ser fiel a ellos por encima del vil metal, por poner un ejemplo, es totalmente loable y admirable. Es para sentirse orgullosa.

  21. hi Amarna. you have done the right thing. don’t worry about it. you can earn 1800$ anyway. maybe not just from a single scene. you may have to make a couple of scenes for it. it’s better then seing yourself in a situation you don’t feel right and feel shame. it shows your strong character that you didn’t give away your priciples for some money. actually that’s many people like you. you are not just a beautiful figure. you are also smart and intellectual person. so i would be disappoinerd if you had choosen to do the opposite. so well done girl you made the right choice 😉

  22. I disagree with you Amarna. What is illegal or highly immoral otherwise in a society eg rape (even if its fantasy rape) etc should be untouchable in porn as well. Adding up race into sex is not illegal. Most of Shane Diesel’s shots are very racy but not illegal. Its just a kink. So your view with due respect is incorrect for me.

    1. Well, in Spanish we say “Nunca llueve a gusto de todos” (It never rains to please everyone) so thank you for sharing your opinion David 🙂 but we don’t think in the same way!

  23. I think you made a good choice, not only for your principles, but also for your image.
    There will always be people who work with you just for your beauty but then there will be people who work with you not only for your beauty but also for the person you are with that nice personality too 😉

  24. I absolutely think you did the right thing. We learn so much about our sexuality from porn these days and so it is really important to take responsibility for what goes out, and important to make positive ethical performances and not give people bad ideas about men, women, people of colour, and so on. For me, you make very positive very beautiful performances. thank you.

  25. Dear Amarna,
    as many users said, it was right to reject a scene if you don’t agree with it.
    Recently, many young girls who joined the industry just a few weeks or months ago often agree on practices and methods they don’t like simply to earn the money or become more famous, getting more contracts and so on. It’s not that easy to differenciate between those who really fullfil their desires or those who are disgusted by the way the actor/s and director treat them. I mean, it can be profitable of course, but it’s not worth it, when you disclaim your on ethical values. In my opinion, it’s important for them to have rolemodels that are worth following suit. You are this kind of rolemodel, young pornstars should look up to, because the way you express yourself is definitely not mainstream. On the one hand, you underlined that pornstars are NOT just “sluts” (or what the society call them), true human beings with emotions and on the other hand, you fight for equality, ethical treatments and transparency. Please make this topic more popular, so that other talents unite to start a new era in porn !!!

    Season’s greetings,
    Yours Alex

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment Alex 🙂 <3

  26. Amarna,
    This exemplifies one of your earlier posts that you are, “… more than a porn star.” As you have said, you do porn because you LOVE PORN!! If you would have done that scene, you would be doing porn because you love money (not that everyone doesn’t). You should feel very proud! While you are the only porn actress I follow, I hope others do and will take a similar approach to life and their careers as you do.

  27. I realise that I am coming in on this thread along time after you posted. Essentially, we all have a moral compass that tells us what we should feel is right or wrong, what issues we should take a stand on and which while not agreeing with we will just accept. At the same time there is a saying that there is a price for everything. In this situation you felt strongly about the content of what you were being asked to perform and the amount being offered wasn’t sufficient for you to turn your back on the beliefs. Would it have been so easy if they offered you $2500, $3000 or $5000 for the scene? The stronger we feel about something the more it takes for us to sell out on that belief but there is rarely not a price (though it need not be money).

    1. I completely agree, Justin 🙂

  28. Amarna, racism, sexism, ageism … etc., etc. are all fundamentally wrong because they put a secondary aspect of being a human being above being a human being so in my view you were quite right to reject this job no matter what money was offered. We all want to be accepted just as we are and not rejected because of our colour, sexual orientation or whatever. Our moral integrity should always outweigh our monetary interests.

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