What do I need to accept a Photo shoot

Long before I got into porn I worked as a photographic model. I’ve been posing since I’m 18 and I have done many, many shoots. On this website I have less than the 10% of the photos that I have done.

Although this is not my main job right now, I’m still modelling. I’ve profiles in a few photography websites like ModelMayhem, Nosoltop or Fotoplatino, and every day I receive many e-mails from people interested in working with me.

As I’m tired of constantly asking the same things, here I leave a little shortcut for those photographers who want to collaborate with me.

What do I need to accept a photo shoot?

1 – Who are you? Please, send me a brief description of your work, how many years have you been taking pictures, references, awards, publications…It is always appreciated a link to your personal website or your artistic portfolio.

If you are an amateur photographer without portfolio or website, SAY IT FROM THE FIRST MESSAGE. It’s a crap to think that you are a professional and then discover that you just bought the camera (and breeds mistrust).
I often work with photographers who have no experience, and it is not a problem, but it is best to be honest from the beginning. If you want, I can help you guiding the shoot.


2 – What do you want to do with me? Why are you contacting me? If you are offering me a shoot try to give as many details as possible:

What is the style of the pictures you have in mind? Artistic nude, fashion, beauty, portrait …

If I have to be nude in the photos, Do I need to be shaved?

Where will be the shoot? Outdoor, indoor… Are they out of my city? In that case, transport is included? If you have no location for the photos, I can help you find one.

What are the approximate dates of the shoot?

How much is the payment? If you do not know, I can tell you my payment terms for each session (usually billed by hour, but I also work half-days or entire days). To be able to give an exact amount, I need to know the more details the better.


Also, I always appreciate when the photographer sends me a few examples of the result he wants to achieve: inspiration photos to get into the “character” I’m going to interpret during the shoot.

Also, it’s nice to talk bout how and in what way are you going to pay me. In general I prefer to receive the agreed amount in cash at the end of the shoot, but I can also be interested in exchange my work for photographic or video equipment (By this way I got my CANON 24 70 f2.8), apparel (latex!) or services ( Are you a video editor?). If you want to work with me but you do not have cash, offer me a serious and feasible barter. I’m always open to dialogue.


Since a long time I do not work for TFCD. I don’t need to expand my portfolio and I am a very experienced model, so I’m not interested in any proposition with that style.

If you really think you can offer me a photo shoot that can benefit significantly my modelling career (Being cover of VICE magazine? Become a model for American Apparel? Appear on a flyer of the Crazy Horse? Send me a message with your idea.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 17.40.57

3 – What do I need to bring? Clothing, accessories, high heels, jewelry, props… The more detailed and accurate list, the better. I have lots of clothes of different styles, so I’m sure we can find something that suits your idea.

Do you have MUA (Make-up artist)? I need to know if I will do my own makeup, or you have someone in charge of it.


4- What will you do with the photos? Will you sell them to a website? It will the cover of a book? Do you want them for your personal portfolio? Are preparing an exhibition? I like to have control over where my image is published. Normally I have no problems with anything but please Inform me before!


5- Use professional language. Treat me with courtesy and respect and do not try to haggle my prices .
Working in porn does not make me an easy girl, and I not available for everything. If you’re looking to make some explicit photos, say it from the beginning. I hate to come to a shoot and find that what you have in mind is different from what we have agreed.


6- My job as a porn actress and my work as a model occupy different areas of my life.
As a rule, I do not do pornographic photo shoots or videos with individual photographers, but if you think you can offer me an interesting project, feel free to send me a message. With “interesting project” I mean serious paid work, that can offer me something as a model.

Any message that has to do with “I want to record a POV video with you” or “Can I have the panties you’ll use in the shoot?” Will be automatically relegated to the pit of oblivion. And no, I’m not a escort or a prostitute.


Having said all this, if you’ve come this far and you still want to work with me 🙂 Please send me a message with the project you have in mind to amarna@omnia-x.com I answer all proposals!



[Photos by Jaure Mur, Gustavo Cano, Rocio Montoya, Paco Peregrín, Miguel Oriola and Boris Hoppek]

  1. Very nice! An informative and very practical document. Only few models think in this idea of spelling out details on their conditions and requirements prior to accept a proposal. Your document is a helpful and a reference, especially to models that haven’t being too long in this art. It helps them to be organized, professional and avoid undesirable disappointments.


  2. Thanks for the very clear and informative post. I wish there was some way of finding all of your photo shoots online; many you’ve been involved in are absolutely stunning in their creativity and artistry. You’re clearly a fantastic and inspirational model. I only wish I could think of a project worthy of your participation.

    1. Thanks for your nice words Ron 🙂 Actually a big chunk of my photoshoots are here in this website!

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