We are in Australia!

For anyone who is not yet aware (Considering all the blog entries of Zor and my crazy tweets ) , we arrived in Melbourne and we are fairly safe and healthy.

After almost missed the plane London – Singapore and had to throw all our food before entering the country because of some crazy border agents, we are finally housed in a beautiful apartment that the company has given us. It is located in the middle of Fitzroy, a neighborhood full of brick houses mixed with old factories converted into apartments (Actually our block of flats was a chocolate factory) .
There are impressive graffitis everywhere and the modern hipster style permeates the atmosphere. Everyone wears Blackmilkclothing.

The flat is a loft with a distribution somewhat confusing: the halls are circular, it has three levels and a huge terrace. On the third floor there is a bath in which would fit four like me, and surprise! There is shibari suspension point in the middle of the main room.

The food is expensive, very very expensive, but we found our main power source in tuna cans (90 ¢) with delecious flavors: sweet chili, tomatoes with onion, mustard seeds … That and pita bread in industrial quantities is our power supply. I have also become addicted to a tea called “Dilmah” , I drink 4 or 5 cups a day.

This is not all, we have car! A Hyundai Tucson 4 wheels drive, in which we will set a ‘roof tent ” (a tent attached to the roof racks), that will be our bedroom for the next two months.

For now we have not seen much of the city, but yesterday I met the wonderful Gestalta , which is around here working as a model, and today we will do ropes with Liesl Skye, Omnia – X model and GodsGirl that left us all with a broken heart after visiting Madrid a few months ago (Amber Nevada was left silly for weeks … ahem 😛 Maybe me too).
I ‘m working every day for I feel myself, earning money for our big trip, which almost certainly will begin this Friday . The company is incredible and the office appear like google Everyone is so friendly!

Yesterday we made a short visit to the outskirts of the city and we saw wonderful animals, giant white and yellow cockatoos and smaller red and gray. An Australian native bird called Kokaburra , that looks like a cartoon and does not flinch from your presence even if you are clapping your hands by its side, and something that looked like a fat guinea pig sitting on the side of the road.

I’m working hard , but I’m really happy.
I can’t wait to do the roadtrip 🙂

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