We are almost there!

We are so close of reaching the next goal on Patreon and with that… The reissue of my first book!

Yes, you heard correctly. Four years have passed from when I first published “Manual de psiconautica” so I decided to review the book and republish it on my own, with a completely new design and without the thief of my editor…
Many of you have asked me about it for a long time, interested in having it in your hands but unfortunately it’s sold out … hopefully not for long 🙂

There’s only $128 left until we reach the goal and start with the new design … At the end of this message you can see some of the rewards that I sent during May to my Patreon users.

Do you think they’re cool? Do you want to collaborate? Let’s see if we make it before the month ends… Go take a look at my Patreon page!

Here are the wonderful postcards I’m sending every month to my patrons ♥

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