We all have our own destiny

and we should be like the lion in the proverb. The Lion, when running after a herd of gazelles, can only catch them one by one.
I try to be like him and not like Westerners, that work crazy even when they can not eat more than their daily bread. […]

If I live another twenty years, I`ll try to enjoy every moment in my life, instead of being worry to get more […] If I am here is to live as a free man who is not dependent on anyone. I can afford to move slowly, if I do not win anything today, no matter at all […] The next day I can earn 100 million or have a terminal illness. As Jesus Christ said: is it a profit for the good man to gain the whole world and lose himself?

I try to conquer myself first, I do not care if I lose the world.

Reyad, homeless Egyptian living on the streets of Milan, quoted in “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

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