Updating my thoughts about performing anal in front of the cameras

Two years ago I wrote a post explaining why I don’t shoot anal scenes (one of the most read on the web, by the way) so many of my fans were surprised when I announced a few months ago that I would start doing anal on my webcam shows.


As I feel that I owe an explanation since many people are asking me about it, here it is:

I wrote that article about two years ago and since then, my sexuality and tastes obviously kept evolving. What it was once a practice that I enjoyed occasionally is becoming something usual in my private life, and because I enjoy and like it, I’m happy to do it as well in front of the cameras. Right now I don’t feel comfortable enough shooting straight anal sex, but it’s very likely I will be in the future. At this moment I’m enjoying the shows I do on cam, and since I have no pressure and I’m the one who sets the pace, it’s becoming something really fun.


And what about the physical consequences? Enemas aren’t a big problem, and neither I have stopped eating before doing my shows. I know that when I start shooting with other people I will have to fast, dilate in advance and take care of my holes with more neatly. When the time comes, I promise you will have a good review about it.


I hope this post has clarified your doubts. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments!

(The pics of this post belong to the scene “Hairy double penetration”, exclusive for sale on my website. If you want to buy it, send me a message to amarnamiller@gmail.com)


  1. Good for you. Everyone has the right to evolve and change. It always appears that you are really enjoying yourself, and that’s how it should be. When and if you do anal porn, it can be slow, gentle, and sexy instead of brutal. That would be nice.

  2. I am really glad to read that your view on the subject has started to change. There is no right or wrong. Evolution and change is part of every person’s life. Sticking to an opinion or a belief forever is not a good thing. I am happy that you are mature enough to be open to change and evolve and be brave to admit that what was your belief 2 years ago now has changed. I love anal sex and you are maybe the only girl I enjoy watching that does not perform anal. So, since I am such a big fan, I am really looking forward to witness your first anal attempt on camera when you decide the time is right. Cheers.

    1. he is glad that your ass is open for new cocks. he he he

  3. Hii amarna love your job!!!,i love anal sex too, i have discovered few months ago that im bisexual and i love doing it i really enjoy anal sex and because you re my favourite porn actress i would love watching you finally in an anal scene please!!!,and thanks love you a lot!!! <33

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