Thermodynamic laws and the end of the universe

Although science attracts me a lot, I stopped studying anything related to math/physics when I was 16 and since then I have not learn too much about this subject.

So every time I can, I ask to anyone who knows about the topic my typical questions about elementary particles and their behavior, the laws of thermodynamics and the concept of “entropy“.

After trying unsuccessfully to understand some basic concepts, today my boyfriend gave me this video. I think it is so wonderfully clear and explanatory that I cannot do anything but share it.

I know that many of you enter in this blog hoping to find naughty texts or pictures of me naked, but today we have a ration of physics.

All those interested in understand a little better the laws of thermodynamics and how we are going to be in the “cold death of the universe”, you ought to see it.
The animations are awful, but it’s worth it. (And in English!)

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