The danger of ego in the pornographic industry

After seeing this little talk of Eckhart Tolle I have started to think about what the ego means in my life.

Belonging to an industry where the physical image it’s a claim and beauty is the product for sale, egotism should be a subject in which the actresses would have to walk on eggshells.

It’s easy to feel better than others when you get 30 messages a day telling you how beautiful you are, how good you are. How much people enjoy your scenes.
The public will get on a pedestal, and you need to have your principles really clear to go down there.

Because in the best case, the career of a porn actress ends when she has around 35 years. Thereafter you become a MILF, and job calls will decrease until it disappear.

And you will be no longer so beautiful, and you won’t be so good. You will not receive many messages, and the constant attention you’ve had during the last years of your life just disappear.

That if you haven’t have any accident before, that leaves you a visible scar or some sort of branding that makes you out of the stereotypes of conventional beauty. Imagine you have to get a cesarean. Or operate your back. Or you have to put a prosthetic limb. You run out of work just in one second.

And then you feel bad, you have the horrible feeling of emptiness that defines Tolle in his talk as negative self-esteem. Because there are people who are objectively better than you. And you are no longer the most desirable, nor the most famous.

So from the beginning, you have to find satisfaction in what you do for yourself, and not understanding it as a comparative competition. Knowing that it will not last forever, and enjoying every moment.
I’m not the relief of Rebeca Linares. I’m not the Spanish Stoya. I’m Amarna Miller, and I’m good at what I do because I love my job.

And I can have role models and people that I admire. But I’m no better or worse than them, I am myself and my actions and my work speak for themselves.

  1. Yeah the porn industry is very fickle unfortunately. Long careers are very rare, although Nina Hartley is still going strong.

    I’ve always heard it is very important to have a relatively normal social group separate from the porn industry to keep you grounded and to inhibit that overflated ego that you talk about. I think you will be fine because you have a strong head on your shoulders, but it also helps to work at something to do after your time in the industry ends.

    I wish you luck and I wish you continued success in the adult biz. Really looking forward to your IFM releases!

  2. Great message! The porn industry is a buisness and to maintain profits the industry will always promote whatever can generate the most revenue. Beauty generates profits and over time beauty always fades. So the point is to have some sort of a contingency plan in place.

    1. I absolutely agree 🙂 But sometimes it’s complicated to stay with your feet on earth when you’re 18 and you’re earning more than everyone you know… <3

  3. Very refreshing to hear truth and reality,in a context that lends itself to fantasy!!! I love Eckart Tolle `s teachings,and am happy to see anyone getting his message. I enjoy your scene`s because you are very passionate,,and involved with your partner…Fake boobs,fake orgasms,fake anything is not entertaining for me..Love you.

  4. Very well put. I have to admit that I just discovered you on PornHub–saw a gif–your style reminded me of Stoya, and I searched Google to see if anyone else had made the comparison. Definitely didn’t expect you to be making it yourself!

    It’s great to see a performer who loves their work. I wish porn was more mainstream and pornstars were as accepted as pop stars. One can dream.

    1. Thanks, Anax 🙂 Your comment made me smile!

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