Some things that you probably don’t know about me

I like antique things, dolls, body modification, flea markets, the storms, photography, video, red haired people, sweets, adrenaline, porn, BDSM, disguises, sewing, strange propositions. Shibari. Indian food. Sushi.

Travelling; wherever and whenever. I have been planning since years ago doing a trip to Tanzania. I went to Japan when I was 19.

I like to try extreme sports, although I’m not good at any. I do scuba diving and at least once I want to try climbing, mountaineering, caving and hang gliding.

I am allergic to seafood, pollen and dust. I can not swim too well, nor cycling.
I have a cracked ear after an accident with an earring a few years ago. I was born with a tooth.

I’m good organizing, classifying, evaluating and learning. I like to argue everything I say and I’m an extremely effective person .
Always wanted to work in an auction house . I started going to auctions when I was 15.

I studied in North America and speak English really well. I did sky diving in the desert of White Sands, New Mexico , in my twenty-second birthday.

I work as a photographic model since I was 18. I started in porn when I was 19 , in a video for my own production company, Omnia-X.

I have been dyed every color you can imagine . I do not care to dress up fashion, but I like to see catwalks and have the option to dress well. Although usually I dress up don’t caring about anything. I always, ALWAYS wear military boots .

I haven’t watch TV for years, I do not like the series in general and I have a very strange sense of humour. I love documentaries and programs in which I learn new things (How It ‘s Made!).

I studied Fine Arts. My thesis was a porn video. I got the best grade.
I restore dolls, take pictures and record video. I love art in all its forms, from sculpture to fashion .

The main motivation of my life is to learn . I spend half the day thinking about how to optimize my time, in what ways I can improve. Emotional Intelligence.

Right now I am planning how to conquer the world.


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