Shower in Madrid

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This video has about three years, when my hair was still blonde and very short and my only works in porn were with Omnia-X and Quite a rookie .

Well, if the video was done so many time ago…Why is it here today? Because we have made a trailer! So you can enjoy my white little body wet by water, and leave you with the honey on the lips.

I’ll do a summary: I’m in the bathroom, dressed in a short red dress while brushing my teeth. The camera is behind the door, shooting through the mirror while I’m distracted and filming my figure until I realize I’m being recorded.

Although my first reaction is to get angry, soon I discover that it’s much more fun to play with my body, slowly undressing myself to go increasingly exciting camera. I stare naughty at the camera while I touch my tits, and run my hands through my body. I take off all my clothes and get into the shower, where the water wets my boobs and my shaved pussy .

Already looking at camera, I start playing with myself and showing my pussy, touching it with my hands and with the hot water.

If you want this 10 minutes video, it will cost 10 euros, that you will send me by bank transfer …I hope you like it!

If you want to purchase this video or send me an email to and personally I can explain you all the steps you have to follow 🙂

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