Selling my used pants

My first steps into the erotic world, long before getting into porn, was selling my used panties. I wore them during the days we agreed and then I mailed them to the buyer, packaged and with a pretty note.

Since then it’s been almost five years, and some of the people I met through that world, are now my friends.

So I’ve decided to sell my used panties, clothes, shoes, stockings, socks … And all that you can like, always used by me.
Sometimes even I have used the things I sell in one of my scenes or photo shoots. Or if you prefer, I can take some custom pictures or video with the panties you are buying so you can have a video made exclusively for you 🙂

Knowing that there is someone who I don’t know having fun with my videos and my used panties is a personal fantasy that excites me a lot, I love to feel desired by strangers.

Also, I love to wear costumes and different lingerie, from sexy silk bras to naughty cotton panties, just ask.

I’m always open to special requests, so if your biggest fantasy is to see a woman dressed as a schoolgirl in the middle of Monument Valley I’m your girl!

If you are interested, you just need to send me an e-mail to

And if any of you have already received some panties worn by me, post a comment! 🙂

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