Polymerboy’s interview in Estrellasdelporno.com

As I said in a billion times Polymerboy is one of my favorite photographers. I’ve been lucky enough to pose for him on a few occasions and in each shoot he has been able to take the best of me. Apart from being a wonderful person, open minded and without taboos, behind the lens is a real genius.

Moreover, I have also spoken a billion times about my friend Rockpepe, reporter in Estrellasdelporno.com (Do you remember that interview that created so much controversy?)

What was my surprise to find together two such high-born gentlemen in a unique interview. And if that is not enough, Polymer mentioned me as one of the actresses he likes to work with. I’m dying of happiness. There are also a couple of old photos of me, one of our first shoot in Madrid, in which I was only 19 years old :


And the other made ​​last year in Girona, after a shoot for Private :


Personally, I love one of the answers in the interview about the hackneyed theme of ” art vs pornography” What separates an erotic photo of a pornographic one? What is art and what is porn? Where the thin line stands?

Here it is, do not forget to keep an eye on the full interview (Only in Spanish).

Is there a step from erotic photography to pornography?

One step no, maybe it’s something more gradual. Although I do not think too much on labels. Especially in such a subjective concept, both personal and from the culture of each place. What is pornography to one, to another is not even erotic. Each one has limits at different levels. I have to admit that mine are pretty far.

For me, an erotic photo is intended to stimulate the sexual imagination of the viewer. If also includes sex, is already pornographic. But just as not all the nude pictures are erotic, not all sexual pictures are pornographic. So I think my photos are not erotic in nature. There are not created to excite. I’d rather want them to have a murky and strange appearance before than sexual. But finally I do everything, purely sexual photos too!.

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