Piper Blush Reveals Exclusive Secrets to Amarna Miller!

Who is Piper Blush?

In the summertime, I’ve always been the girl sucking on a popsicle! You could say I’m orally focused.

I prefer blowjobs over any sexual act, that is part of the reason I’m a model for TheArtofBlowjob. It’s a site that aims to help women embrace and take charge of their sexuality, by giving an honest, sensual depiction of how oral sex can be both empowering and beautiful, without degrading either partner.

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Amarna might agree with me on this one! I think a man that gives a Facial to a woman doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect her. I have never felt disrespected while giving a blow job. My favourite cumshot is the Facial. personally feel a deeper connection with a man when he lets me give him a blow job. For some people facial cumshot are regarded as male dominance and degrading for the woman, but not for me. If they made me feel that way, I would not allows myself to do it. Men should be proud of their manhoods, never mind the size and shape.

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The Right Attitude

I do feel women don’t realise how their attitude towards the blow job affects their partner. Eye contact is very important, it helps you connect with your partner without having to talk. Exchanging a glance, lets you know how the other person feels. Most men I’ve encountered, tell me it’s eye contact and a passionate attitude that makes the difference between an average blowjob and a mind-blowing blowjob. You should always think of your own enjoyment while giving a blowjob! He will like it if she likes it! Women should not feel shy about peeking up and letting their partner know how much they enjoy your manhood. Men also need to be told that they are beautiful!

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