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I do many things. Too many things. Producing in Omnia-X and working as an actress uses the 80 % of my time, so trying to save some time for my personal life sometimes becomes a difficult task. Meet friends watch a movie with my partner or just read a book start to being quite complicated. As in the last few days in Barcelona, ​​where I have not stopped for a second.

With such a schedule, learn how to optimize my time is a key point. I try to use the minimum time for each task, and especially not divert my attention with the distractions of everyday life: social networks, e-mails, whatsapp… I perform one task at a time and I focus in it, not leaving 20 assignments to finish the day after…Die to the procrastination!

In our modern life is difficult to concentrate with the number of stimuli that bombard us every second. Television, advertising, mobile, internet. Facebook, twitter, vine, Instagram .
So it becomes a task of each one of us to perform a journey of introspection and character education, learning to focus and finish the tasks you started .

And if you do not know where to start? The best is to isolate yourself from the stimuli that distract you and focus on the task you have to perform.

Here you have a quote taken from the text “Creativity Castaway” by Javier Meléndez (Yorokobu Magazine # 49 , 2014) :

“A castaway knows what is basic and what is not: eating is basic; states of social networks are not. An artist should be like a castaway. Now I ‘ll tell you another secret.

You can wreck right now and not have to go to the Cape of Buena Esperanza or the Bermuda Triangle. You only have to observe two situations: provisioning and shipwreck.

You can not sail without seize everything you might need on a trip . That’s provisioning. Say you want to talk about oranges. First you need to know the subject: eating oranges, knowing when humans began to consume them, what is the annual production, what memories bring you the oranges … But you should have a time limit. The ships are loaded and sail. Learn everything you can about the topic before sailing, then not return back.

After leaving, you should sink. Pick a room in your house and make it your island, in which you will not allow access to anyone, or go to where no one can bother you for four, or five, or ten hours. Nobody. Turn off all the gadgets you may have. All, or put them away where you can not hear them. When you finish your task, the world will be as you left it. Believe me. But if you have let your thoughts being free, uninterrupted, and if you have put them on paper, you will have a artistic work.”

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