Omnia-X closes down .

After nearly five years as head of my porn companyOmnia-X, today I officially announce that we close our production of scenes.

I’ve invested a lot of effort, time and money in this company. But mostly I’ve put my dream, my desire to work and to cry against all odds that you can shoot other kind of pornography. That can produce quality content, without losing a bit of the intimacy and passion of the sex we have at home.



The pillars and values ​​that founded this company have not changed. But I’m not the same girl of 19 years full of hopes and fantasies who decided that wanted to be a porn producer. I’m more mature, more complex, I have evolved. I have more experience in every way, and I know what mistakes I made and what I’ve done well. Neruda said We, of that time, are no longer the same. I’m not the same, and I have to adapt to my circumstances.

I’ve learned the hard way, but the more effective: being frustrated and falling to the ground. Being hurt. But learning to get up, keep fighting and correct my mistakes. I have learned in the field. And it was hard as hell.
But here I am, just as brave, persistent and stubborn than when I started.



Five years ago I had a vision, and decided to fight for it. By telling the world that the representation of sexuality that mainstream pornography wanted to show us was false. A range of acrobatic positions, fake orgasms, fake sex, no kissing, no passion, no real carnality. That what they were showing us as real was a simply replica of reality. But mostly, I wanted to show that another porn possible. Scenes in which the connection can be felt. The longing looks. The caresses. The lust. To stare intently at your partner and feel how each one of the pores of your body is screaming Fuck me. Here. Now.
For how long have you not see that in a conventional porn video?

Five years ago I decided to get out of the way politically accepted by society and do what I wanted and what made ​​me happy: get into this highly controversial, closed and undervalued industry that is pornography and finding my way leaving my job as producer and actress speak for myself. Making me speak through my actions.

And here I am, more mature, more grown up, with many stories, many shoots and much, much to tell. And with the same illusion of exposing society that you can and you should! fight for what you love, because when you step out of your comfort zone and confront what is supposed to be expected of you, then you are free. It’s not enough to be numbered with the grains of sand on the beach and the stars in the sky. said Tyler Durden. And no, it’s not enough. I decided it was not enough and created Omnia-X.

Today I close a business, but especially I close a stage.


  1. Respect!!!

  2. Not many 19 year olds have the drive and determination to do what you did. You’re an incredibly unique person. omnia-x is only the beginning of your achievements.

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