No more sex work related projects on here (Patreon)

The moment has come.

Those of you who follow me on social media have been able to see first-hand the witch hunt that I have been suffering for the last few months. PayPal permanently banned me from its platform for having a past working in pornography. YouTube won’t stop censoring my videos claiming they’re “sexually themed” (like this one here, in which I narrate a trip around the USA …?) And finally I received a notice from Patreon saying that they are going to mark my page as “adult content”.

I was afraid that this moment would come, and it has arrived indeed. I’ve appealed the decision, but their Trust & Safety team has decided that I’m staying as I am. Flagged. With a scarlet letter painted on my forehead.


I’m not the only one who is suffering the consequences of this new wave of censorship. My friend Vex had to close her page on the platform due to this change in Patreon’s terms and conditions. Many other creators are in my same position.

We’re reaching a point where underwear designers are watching their pages get marked as “adult content”. It makes you think, right?


If I’m being honest, I love the model that Patreon uses to connect with my audience. A smaller community means that I can maintain a direct relationship with my followers. Get to know each one of you and have conversations beyond the quick information exchanges that Instagram or Twitter allow us. And if that wasn’t enough, it gives me the opportunity to live from what I really want to do: writing, work on my art, talking about ecology and sustainability. Thanks to Patreon I’m achieving little by little dedicating myself to what really makes me happy and be able to reject the work that doesn’t provide me anything. It’s wonderful.

I don’t want my page to be marked as adult content. This tag prevents my content from appearing in the search engines of the platform, and it’s indexed in the browsers. Being marked as NSFW content greatly limits the number of people who can find my work.


I feel tired, and frustrated. Emotionally exhausted from fighting a giant.

On the other hand, I don’t intend to give up. If the Prophet doesn’t go to the mountain, I suppose it’s the mountain who has to go to the Prophet. To put it another way: Relax Patreon, I will go with my activism somewhere else.

I don’t know where. Yet. But what I know for sure is that I don’t want to leave this page aside. Nor my fight for sex workers rights.

And now… What’s next?

Little by little I will be erasing from the platform all the mentions I made regarding sex work. This means that during the next few days I will have to change the goal I had promised (writing the “Guide to get started in the adult industry safely”) for something SFW. I promise to be up to the task. I will also move “The responsible guide to talk about sex work in the media” and any post written about it to the blog of my website. Once I’ve removed all the NSFW content, I will contact Patreon to see if they want to delete the tag.

I’m going to take this stone on the road as the perfect excuse to show you through Patreon other facets of my life that I’ve wanted to bring to light: my artistic work (God help me, I’m not ready) and my personal writings. I’m also going to give some thoughts to the rewards that I’ve have been offering you until now to be able to improve and that you are super happy with your contribution. (What do you think about creating a private Facebook group? Or a channel on Discord?)

At this time of change, any suggestion or recommendation is welcome. What would you like to see around here? Personally the niches in which I feel most comfortable are travel, art, writing and social networks. What would you like me to show you about that? Explaining how to be a full-time traveler? More texts written by me? Artistic installations? Essays on ecology? Tricks to control the networks?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. I hope you understand my decision. Now more than ever, any feedback is welcome 🙂

(Will I also have to delete this post since I mention the word “sex work”? :P)

If you understand Spanish and you want to know a bit more about my opinion on this, I’ve written this column for Diari Ara.

In case you feel like reading, here are the rules Patreon sets so your page get marked as adult content.

At the end of this post are screenshots of emails exchanged with Trust & Safety team.

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