My top 5 Spanish actresses



I consider myself a complete porn addict. I spend lots of hours a day just looking for new production companies, quality videos, or models that I like .

Unfortunately, the quality of porn in our country is not even close to the European level , and no way about American . And not for lack of talent! So I have been thinking about doing a post mentioning my favorite actresses born or grown in the motherland . Here you have my top 5:

Amber Nevada:
Very little known in our country (most of the scenes she has recorded have been for overseas) , my favorite unicorn is the first in my list. Old roommate, spectacular make-up artist and person trilingual (She can talk fluent in Spanish, English and German), she has introduced herself in the industry in a stunning way . Being together in a scene is a sure hit, we have a really strong conexion!


Eris Maximo:

Although she is Brazilian by birth, she has been living in Spain so many years that she can be clearly in the list . Petite, with tits and ass to stop hiccups. Spectacular dancer,BDSM and shibari lover. What more could you want? This beauty made ​​her first two scenes in the porn industry with myself, so I can say that I follow her steps from the beginning of her career. Aim her name, because a people is going to talk a lot about her.

Silvia Rubi:

I met Silvia in a really stupid way long before I get into porn. And a few parties later, I still think that she is the best actress in our country . I’ve never understood why her name has not sounded more in the spanish porn , because she has everything : spectacular beauty (You can see a photo of her getting four markers by her nose and SHE WILL BE STILL PRETTY) , attitude , professionalism and above all, a sexuality that overflows in each of her shoots. She can be doing lesbian, straight or a five-way orgy that you’ll never see her pouting or dull -looking. What a pity that she’s gone to another country , for me it would be awesome to shoot with her at some filming.


Edda Young:

Another gorgeous girl, very little known in our country. Actress in Omnia-X , this beauty has only shoot lesbian, And none with me! I feel this terrible!
I know Edda since I was literally 18 years old. Her long hair and her attitude thrown me crazy so when she wanted to get involved in the production, I was the first to sign whatever it took . Hopefully soon we can shoot together!


Carolina Abril:

The actress best known of my list. Winner of “ La mansion de Nacho Vidal ” , she has filmed with virtually all the producers in Spain.
I love her eternal smile, the sexy accent she has, and a great natural body without tattoos that makes her stand above the rest of the girls in the industry. This photo is not fair, in person she is a lot more hottie : P



Of course this list is about my personal tastes , what does not mean that there are no other beauties within the country. I want to mention Carol Vega, Noemilk, Laura Peralta, Claudia Bomb, Samia Duarte, Zoe Nil, Hannah Montada, Amanda X, Mitsuki Sweet, Onix Babe, Irina Vega and Klara Gold.


Someday I will make another post with all of them !


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