My blog has received a Liebster award

The pretty Noemi Casquet, Barcelona Erotic festival’s official journalist and presenter of their serie of short documentaries “La Previa“, has announced in her blog De todo y nada that she gives me a Liebster award.

You may ask, what’s this? This prize is designed to recognize the work of the good bloggers, helping them to become more known.
Basically I have to answer the eleven questions that Noemi has posted on her blog, and develop new ones that will have to answer the authors of the blogs chosen by me.
Here I go!

Why did you decide to start a blog?

It started naturally. I was studying in America and I got the option to do a huge roadtrip through the Southwest (From Texas to California) that lasted almost two months. People asked me for the things I was seeing, the places I was visiting … so I thought I would be a good idea to write it as a story.
So I began to make small posts explaining my travels, with photos and google planes that showed where I was.

I became excited with the idea of ​​explain a little more my situation, and started to take specific photos for the blog, make videos … but always from a very personal perspective

Later I started to write about other aspects of my life, as my university career and my job as a porn actress.

I’ve been telling every one of the trips I’ve made and the adventures I’ve been living.

A couple of weeks ago I opened my new website with a selling space for my personal videos, photo shoots and even the panties that I have used in some of my shoots!.

Of course I could not miss a section for my blog, that I’ve decided to title “My porn adventures”.

With a little more experience, I write about the companies for which I am working, the trips that I’m planning, interviews that I do or awards that I win.

This is an adult stage, marked by a business vision that helps me to sell my work and publicize what I do, but without losing any of the passion and ease that have always been present in my blog .

What is the aim of your blog?

My goal is that the readers can learn more about the real Amarna, my interests and the things I like far beyond the public character. My view about sex and pornography.

Also, I can show my works and photo shoots without having to go through the censorship of Facebook or social network limitations.

I also consider it the ideal place to show my porn videos and photo shoots and give people the option of buy them directly. It’s my own space, managed by myself and without intermediaries.

Define your virtual space in one word


What has been the hardest thing to start a blog?

I think to force myself into having the responsibility of keeping the blog updated, write entries and not leave it even though I’m working a lot.

Among the university, the producer and my own work as an actress, there are times in which I get overwhelmed in obligations, so I decided to propound myself to write entries as a way to escape and unwind from the tasks that I have to do all day long.

Thus, when I sit in front of the screen, the rest of the world disappears and there is only me and what I’m writing. It’s my little haven of peace.

When I am traveling I always try to reserve some room of my time to update the blog and go telling what I’m doing. In fact, I’m answering you this interview on a plane back from Amsterdam!

And the easiest?

The feedback from readers, when I get constructive comments or they just answer the questions I ask. It’s amazing to know that behind the screen there is people interested in what I’m living … yesterday I received nothing more and nothing less than 2,100 visits!
When I see the numbers it encourages me to continue telling a little more about myself.

I already find it weird to meet people that follow me through my blog, and they know of my life but we’ve never meet before.
It’s like giving direct access to a small door into me, letting all readers to see how I really am, what are my interests and passions.
It’s a bit overwhelming to think that I have fans in Australia! But also makes me feel very proud of what I do and what I’m getting.

What inspires you to write?

Normally I talk about things I’ve experienced or felt, so I just let it flow my memories and feelings and I transform them into words.

Before I start writing I do a small draft about what I want to tell, and the feelings I want to express.
So when I write the final text everything is much more structured, and it’s easier to do a post that I like.

I do not think that inspiration comes suddenly from nowhere. It is something you have to seek and exercise at the proper times.

For example, in my particular case, I find it infinitely easier to write in the mornings. Words flow naturally and It’s so easy to write complex texts, so I try every day to get up early and spend at least an hour in front of the computer, writting.

Also and because the new website is multilingual (all in Spanish and English!) so I translate the post into English, and I look for pictures that are appropriate for what I’m saying.

It also helps me that the room is in silence (with music I do not concentrate) and to have internet si I can find information, or translate any word that I am not sure of its meaning.

Who’s behind it?

Behind my blog you can find…myself!

A small introduction for anyone who does not know me: my name is Amarna Miller and I’m a porn actress and director. I am 22 years old and I just graduated in Fine Arts.

I declare myself a lover of art in all its forms, especially photography and video. I try to capture in everything I do my taste for the aesthetic and technical quality. Within my producer Omnia-X Omnia-X I try to apply all the knowledge that my career has brought me to create a flawless content.

I’m addicted to porn, very open and always wanting to try new things. I can spend hours a day watching porn movies.
Also, I just have been nominated for the Ninfa awards! as Best new Actress and Best New producer.

I love BDSM, particularly shibari, electricity play and “role play”. You can’t imagine the amount of costumes that I have in my closet!

What I love most in this world is to learn. Going to bed knowing a little more than yesterday.
I like Studio Ghibli films, Cronenberg, Gaspar Noe and Larry Clark, and I’m a hopeless fan of science fiction books. I like Terry Pratchett, and all the beatniks. Kerouac and Ginsberg, mostly.

I like extreme sports and I am learning to sea dive. But if there is something I like above all things, is travelling.

I am very lucky because with my job I don’t stop for a second! From October I will be working in Australia with some well-known producers, and then I’ll go to New Zealand … Of course I will tell all my adventures on the blog.

Have you always like the theme of your blog?

Basically in my blog I talk about myself, my experiences and my personal views about pornography and sexuality. As this is a personal thing I think I can say that, rather than like the “theme” of my blog, is intrinsic to myself!.

This just means that now I have a way to publicly tell what comes to my mind, or what I’m living at this moment.

The entry that you like the most in your blog

Good question! I think my favorite entry of my blog is “What I do is not porn” (Only in Spanish, sorry!!), a statement of intent about why I’m in pornography as an actress and producer, what I want to achieve as a director and how I started in the industry.

Another post which now also has me very excited is “Planning to travel to Australia you help me?”. I’m planning on going to be one of the largest travel (and most wonderful) in my life: I’m two months to Australia, and another month in New Zealand. After seeing me thousand documentaries and read a lot about which regions were better to visit, or places I could lose, I decided to write a post on my blog.

Another post which now also excite me a lot is “Planning to travel to Australia, can you help me?””. (Also in Spanish)

I’m planning to have the largest travel (and most wonderful) in my life: I’ll be two months in Australia, and another one in New Zealand. After seeing a thousand documentaries and read a lot about which regions are better to visit, or which places I could not lose, I decided to write a post on my blog.

First, as a reminder to myself about what to bring, what to buy or get before I get there and especially as an index to start marking a path to follow with the car inside the country.

And secondly, to explain to all those people who read me what I want to see in my journey and which ones are my interests, giving them the opportunity to help me choosing destinations or raise some money. Australia is very large, and I want to do too much!

Any plans for the future?

Write more articles about the things I have for sale (what is now uploaded is not a tenth of what I have), explaining facts about the shootings or more information than the merely explanatory, for anyone who would like to know more about how I have done things. And also include many more trailers and new videos.

The other day, while I was writing a post about one of the new videos that I have for sale (“BJ at the abandoned house”…yes, it’s in English :D) I started telling the story of how I did the shoot and ended up talking about how to make a good blowjob. I love to divert conversations!

Also, I’d like to improve the site in all technical and design aspects. Just three days ago we made a server migration, and me and my webmaster have to catch up with all the new options we have to optimize the page.

A secret to happiness

Learn to manage your emotions and feelings, not get carried away by impulses and try to be thoughtful in your decisions. Basically cultivate your emotional intelligence and learn to be okay with yourself, guiding you by solid principles to follow when making decisions.

In an article I wrote some time ago I talk about the basis on which are built all my personal relationships; is entitled “Take care of what we have.” (In Spanish)

I`ll do a little summary of what I explain, so you can better understand my “secret to happiness”: because of the educational base we have today, it is easier to let go the objects that do not work, instead of try to fix them. When your phone breaks, you buy a new one…why not? if it’s going to cost the same to fix it!
They teach us that the things we have are no valuable, they do not need to be maintained because they are easily replaceable.

The problem comes when this throwaway concept is applied to our personal relationships, the area of emotionality. Because people are not replaceable, like material possessions, but unique and unrepeatable.

This is the turning point of my post, a small thought about how to care for and value the people we have around us. I think that’s my main secret to being happy.

And now, it’s time to nominate! Each one of these blogs will (if they want, of course) answer the questions mentioned below.

La mosca cojonera
Luna Miguel
Voet Cranf
Silvia Rubí
Porno gafapasta
Sex in Panic


1.Who are you?

2.How and why did you start your blog?

3.What is the name of your blog? Why did you choose it?

4.How much time have you been posting?

5.How your life has changed having a blog?

6.Do you have a post that got started but never finished? What was about?

7.What inspires you to keep writing?

8.What is your favorite blog?

9.The entry that you like the most in your blog

10.Who do you wish had a blog? (And for now does not)

11.How do you spend your free time? What hobbies do you have?

Thank you again to Noemí for the award I’m really excited about see your answers!

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