My 10 favorite books, by “Librotea”

The Spanish newspaper “El País” contacted me to collaborate in its digital library, by making a list of my ten favorite books.

Those who visit this site often will remember that I made a list of the
10 books that changed my life, but this time you have a checked version and some changes added. I leave here part of it, but you can read the complete list on the website of Librotea. Share with me your thoughts in the comments!


The beatnik generation and its influence on the literature of the 60s have been a recurring obsession in my reading. I decided to head the list with The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test one of my favorite episodes of American history: the adventures of writer Ken Kesey and his break up with social rules during the tumultuous period in which he lived.

And if there is something almost all the books on the list have in common, it’s the idea of ​​revolution of the individual against the system, claiming to obtain individual freedom while fighting the oppression of the politically correct. Burroughs, Welsh or Kerouac are perfect examples, with a raw and realistic narrative that makes your stomach turn.

For finishing and giving a radical turn to the subject, I decided to include the romantic and inspiring simplicity of Antonio Gala and Borges, as well as a small sign to my interest in positive psychology “Flow” by Csíkszentmihályi.


  1. have u read Lord of the rings???

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