Mini video interview for “Resaca Cultural”

I have to thank the guys of “Resaca Cultural” for how well they transcribed this interview, considering how fast I talk.


Here is the first fragment of the text and a small promotional video in Spanish, but if you want to read the whole article (in Spanish) you can do it through their website. I hope you like it!


She went to the polls to vote the past 26J even though she has been living for the past 10 months in the States. She mixes english words in her political speech and her live experiences that make her whole.Amarna Miller (Madrid, 1990) denies that there is a phenomenon with her name, but arriving to Spain and not stopping getting offers for interviews and giving many speeches wherever she goes breaks her statement. She defines herself as a “fidget-arse”. She is certain that she is what she likes. Many will know her from the porn sites most consumed in our country, other for supporting Podemos and posing for El Jueves. For better or worse, she was seduced by the idea that we interviewed her.

[Keep reading in Spanish…]


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