Mi 10 favourite movies (Ok, they’re 11)

Today I have a post that has nothing to do with porn! Good!

After download a lot of movies to fill the void of my existence while waiting in airports, traveling by train or while I discover that the hotel has no internet, I decided to do list with my ten favourite movies. Here it goes.

Oh yeah, I don’t know the numbers I wrote eleven.

Cronenberg, snuff movies and special effects of the last century. So disturbing that you will not understand anything. But after a few days you will continue thinking about it.


I love Terry Gilliam. The only thing I can think to describe this movie is that it’s terribly sad and yet incredibly beautiful. And I love how it is shot, the use of angular lenses, theart direction, how he tells the story …


Fight Club
A wonderful version of the book, until they decided to shoot a diametrically opposite end than in the novel. I do not mind. After seeing it I always want to burn bins, making soap and sign up for boxing lessons. (Another day I’ll talk about my love/hate relationship with Chuck Palahniuk)

Fight Club (1999) Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Screengrab)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Did I mention that I love Terry Gilliam? Madness and many drugs. This is my lawyer.


The book is even more depressing than the movie. But somehow, it makes me smile to see the way he lead his life between being addicted to everything and do not know where to go. And the way it is shot it’s amazing.


Muholland Drive
This is the kind of movie you have to see 5 times to catch something. And even then you will search on the internet what the fuck had Lynch in the head.


Boogie Nights
Okay, this is about porn. I love the cinematography, the colors and the way it is recorded .


Neko Z Alenky (Alice)
In my opinion, the best version of Alice in Wonderland that it is ever made. Partially done in stop motion, it shows creatures that look like something out of my dreams and nightmares: stuffed animals, antique dolls and bizarre elements everywhere. It’s heavy as a brick, but I will not forget it in my entire life.


Ken Park
High children, preteen sex and characters who can not escape from a life without meaning or future. I knew about Larry Clark as a photographer before knowing his films, and I’m still with my mouth open with what I discovered.


Or how to show power relations in a disturbingly way. (Note : I hate the latest movies from Mr. Von Trier)


Enter the Void
Probably the film that has marked my artistic vision the most of all that I have ever seen. Neon tubes, strobe lights, zenith shots that will make you feel goosebumps and everything filled with DMT, death and prostitution in tokyo. With a background taken from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Fuck yeah .


Recommended: Sleeping Beauty, Battle Royale. V of Vendetta, Moulin Rouge, Kids, The Miserables, Cabaret, Beetlejuice, Prime, Gummo, My neighbour Totoro, everything from Miyazaki, Funny Games, The Lord of the rings Imprint (Takeshi Mikee), Inception, Dogma, Irreversible, dancing in the dark, Dune, the fly, Let me in, Romeo+Julieta, Blue Velvet, the empire of senses, requiem for a dream, ExistenZ, & Pi.

What I have to see? Crash, Time Bandits, Brazil, The sky over Berlin, Inland Empire, Lost Highway, Altered States, Wassup rockers, the fucking documentary of Kink.com that it’s not yet ripped … and sure many more I cannot remember now.

Any recommendations? 🙂

  1. There’s definitely some good ones among the ones you want to see (i haven’t seen the fucking documentary). But since surrealism, drugs, sex and mindfuck in general seem to be a big part of your movie poison, I’d recommend Holy Mountain and Santa sangre by Jodorowsky, Possession by Zulawski (watch out for the most terryfying subway scene ever shot), Les yeux sans visage by Franju (amazingly atmospheric horror), Lizard in a Woman’s Skin by Fulci (great giallo, or kinda sleazy thriller heavy influenced by surrealism if you like), the japanese Hausu (if you thought the special effects in videodrome were fascinating, these certainly are too), or maybe Dellamorte Dellamore for some very stylish and quite funny zombie action.

    1. I’ve already seen everything from Jorodowsky 😛 and I also saw “Lizard in a wman’s skin”… in fact I love it! But thank you for the recommendation. I didn’t know about Zulawski, Hausu, Dellamorte Dellamore, or Franju, tho! So they go to my “to watch” list. Thank you!

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