Meanwhile in Australia: day 2

Do you want to see what happened to me the day before?

We woke up with the first morning light, huddled in the car and almost frozen. The day before, having arrived at the park all in darkness, we had not been able to appreciate the beautiful place in which we were sleeping.

Everything was covered in thick green grass, and there were some bushes and small trees. By far we could hear the roaring of the sea crashing against the rocks.

It’s cloudy and cold so we put on our jackets and start a trail that is fairly close. We arrive to the beach, made o fine brown sand, and while we walk a fine rain starts to fall.

As we climb some stones from the beach, trying to turn around the bay in which we are and move to the next beach, the storm grows in intensity and the rain became heavier. To make things worse, the tide is going up and with the storm, the sea now is very rough. When we realize about this, the rocks behind us are covered with water, and we have no choice but to move forward, praying to reach another beach from which we can leave.

After some slightly dangerous situations, we arrive to the other beach, whose trails are all closed. We ignore the posters of “no trespassing” and walk though the trail, which is a bit broken, to find the car again.

We go to to a new beach, this time with a couple of wallabies and a family of gray kangaroos, watching at us from a distance. We return to the car and continue to explore the park, finding occasional wallabies (Including one with a baby in the pouch).

It’s really early, maybe 6 or 7 in the morning, so there is a very large amount of active animals.

After turning a corner we discover a stunning scene: a gray kangaroo, a black wallaby and a flock of 4 emus are interacting within a few meters ahead of us. When they notice our presence, the wallaby runs away and the emus start to run absurdly. It seems that their head moves at different speed that their body, without knowing what to do, he starts spinning in a very funny way around the car.

I put half of my body outside the car to see if I can get a picture, but between the excitement of the moment and the giggling for see a 2 meters bird moving that way, this is the only one that is decent.


We head east, pretending to go up though the coast road, but while leaving the park we met another wonderful creature: an echidna! Something like a big hedgehog, with soft body and spikes on the outside. It also has a giant and very fine tongue, to put it inside fallen logs looking for termites and ants.

As we saw it, he tries unsuccessfully to get a pellet, but we wait until we are able to take this picture…is so cute!


We follow the road to the Croajingolong national park, where we finally set up the roof tent for the first time, in a camp site near the beach. It’s super comfortable, so we sleep really deeps while we hear the sound of the mosquitoes outside.


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