Video of my cover for “Primera Linea”

While Joan and I were taking pictures on the terrace of the hotel Mercury Santo Domingo, a shadow was continuously dripping from the corner of my eye.

It was Jon Gomez, quiet and with the camera on his hands, who was recording all the making off of the shoot. In the pauses of the photos he was giving me small indications “Look there to have the sun in your hair”, “Turn around and start to open your catsuit …” . I cannot not imagine that this would be the result.

When you talk about a backstage video, you imagine …. a backstage video. Not a piece of video art.

It has rhythm, it’s carefully edited and the image is incredible.
And that’s why I like so much this video. Thanks Jon 🙂 And to to the people from “Primera Linea” …Do not let this guy escape from you!

Amarna Miller en ‘Primera Línea’ from Primera Línea on Vimeo.

Video Editing : Jon Gomez.
Photographer: Joan Crisol.
Hair and makeup: Rocio Cuenca.
Clothing: Mad Rubb + Honour

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