Interviewed by Radio Emprende

Following the article I wrote for Gonzoo News explaining why porn isn’t a business for small entrepreneurs the guys from Radio Emprende got in touch to interview me.


Contrary to popular belief, trying to create a startup related to pornography is a complex buisness and in this audio (in Spanish) I explain the reasons. Constant censorship, problems in the social media and an exhausting witch hunt by most companies that allow you to develop your business online quickly.


Here’s the clip, but you can also listen to it through their website.
Let me know what you think in the comments!


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  1. In any business risk is always present.In porn its the same and there factors that can make the business a success. First capital, business knowhow,experience,quality of products,then luck.with small capital a company can still grow with several quality products .Amarna has many quality shoots, watch foreign exchange student by TLBC ( and judge by yourself. The acting is real and not fake.And she has the libido to do it plus pretty face and body plus her sweet voice . More power to you Ama, xxx bobby

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