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I know what’s Omnia-X, but I prefer you to tell us what it is…

Since always I had wondered why in the mainstream porn actors and actresses have aesthetic standards so far from reality. Girls with impossible fake bodies and men with enormous penises and dominant attitude . It’s so far from our daily lives! I wanted real sex, the one you have in your bed , or in the bathroom of the club with the guy or girl you like .
Mulling over these ideas arises Omnia-X, as an independent producer of pornographic content.
I created the company three years ago with the idea that the recorded sex must go beyond traditional stereotypes in the industry and we are putting all our efforts on enabling audiovisual content with very high technical and aesthetic quality .

Could you please give us your mail contact if an actress is interested ?

Of course! Any actor, actress or couple interested in participate in our project can contact us through, or send a message directly to my e-mail:

At what age did you lose your virginity ? How was it?

It is curious that with the number of interviews that I have made, no one ever had asked me about my virginity! I lost it at 17 with my then boyfriend. It was all a bit chaotic and I do not keep very good memories of the experience… luckily over the years things have improved in spades.

What do you like a guy, in and out of sex? And in a girl?

What really turns me on in a person is intelligence. I can be meeting Brad Pitt, that if I can not have an interesting conversation about literature, cinema or general culture, for me that person has lost interest .

Regarding the physical, my preferences are changing and evolving, although I have certain tastes that stay in space-time: I like smaller girls and older men. I love redheads, people with glasses and guys with long hair.

Within sex, I really enjoy BDSM. I like shibari, “role play” and electrical stimulation. I consider myself mostly dominant but depending on the person I can become very submissive.

With who do you prefer to shoot, boys or girls?

Depends more on the person and the chemistry you have during the shoot. I have had wonderful shoots and other completely trash, without depending on the gender of my partner. The important things are that the “feeling” during the scene is right, with good vibes and attraction for your companion, Everything flows!

If I can choose I always prefer to shoot with actors and actresses who I know beyond the cameras. My favourite co-stars are Amber Nevada or Eris Maximo for a lesbian, and David Moreno or Adrian Dimas to record heterosexual.

What do you like the most about your body?

Above all, my eyes .And second, my ass .

And what you hate the most?

I do not hate any part of my body. For many years I was self-conscious about having small breasts but after spending four years working as a model I left all my insecurities behind. 
I’m very happy with myself.

In porn, how do you define Amarna Miller?

As a serious actress. I give 100 % of myself in each one of the shooting in which I participate, and I consider myself a responsible professional.

With that production companies have you shot? Can you recommend us some porn scenes in which you appear?

Omnia-X, House of taboo, ATK Premium, ATK Galleria, Nubiles, Twistys, POPPORN 3D, Babes, I feel myself, AbbyWinters, Naghty Natural, Altporn4U , Girls Out West, Private, Lust films… And sure a lot more that I can not remember now. In my website I have a whole section called “I’ve worked for …” where you can see in detail each and every one of the producers I’ve worked with so.

As for’s very difficult to choose one! I have enjoyed almost every one of the videos I have recorded so all of them have a reason to be mentioned. I love the scene “Ivory’s touch” that I recorded for Babes, the lighting and scenery are fantastic

Will you make a porno with production companies like FAKINGS, REDDEVILX O Cumlouder ?

If I do not shoot in Spain is because budgets established per scene are usually not the same as in Europe. If they pay my cache and the quality of the scene is good , you’ll see me over there.

Do you like anal sex? Will we see you do anal scenes, maybe double penetration?

The eternal question! I have always thought that anal sex in porn is absolutely mystified … personally, anal sex does not seem so interesting. For now I have no plan to do any anal scene, but when the time comes be assured that you will know.

What is your favorite position?

You will call me classic but I love the missionary. You can stare at your partner, kiss or scratch his back, It has everything! I also really enjoy being on all fours.

Can you believe that you are more famous outside Spain than in our country?

Is quite logical considering that 99% of my scenes have been filmed abroad. Although lately I’m having some recognition within my country.
The best example is this interview! Further, I was nominated as Best New Actress in the past Ninfa Awards, which means that slowly my name is sounding increasingly in Spain.

What do you think needs the Spanish porn?

A breath of fresh air. New ways to direct scenes, bet on high quality videos and stories that leave away the topics. No more naughty girls seducing the plumber/pizza man/hot teacher, please!
We have a lot of good actors and actresses, we just need to learn how to lead them.

What has given you the porn?

Through this industry I have met wonderful people, the best example of this is my own boyfriend!.
Also I have many friends that I’ve met through filming, as Eris Maximo (I recorded with her for Omnia-X her first scene in the industry) or Amber Nevada, who went from being an acquaintance of my adolescence, to the leading star of my producer, and then my best friend!.

It’s funny how in the end we all are connected in one way or another, this is an industry with very few people and sooner or later we all just know each other.
I can not forget to mention David El Moreno, whom I met while filming a scene for Private and eventually he has become a very good friend.

What bad experiences have you had in porn?

In the beginning, when you have not got much idea about the business you always meet some people who try to pay you less money than agreed, or try to cheat in one way or another.
Personally, I’ve always been very careful with who I shoot and who I interact.
Also, my background as an artistic model has given me the experience to know when to say no if the project takes a course that is not what I’m looking for.

What advice would you tell to girls who are rethinking to be porn stars ?

Think well the consequences of your acts. If you want to be in politics or education, simply forget this job.

How did you know about Melacasco?

Through an article you did about Eris Maximo. I remember that I got on the web and saw some spectacular photos with Mitsuki Sweet and Eris, and thought “I have to come here more often .”

So I sent you a message, and after a long time, we met in person. Since then I am a faithful follower of Melacasco. It’s hard to find good sites about the adult industry that do not put advertising in each click.
One of the things I appreciate the most about this site is that you remain impartial about the information you write, avoiding favouritism .

Has anyone ever tried publicly hurt your image?

When you do porn you become part of a “politically incorrect” sector of society. Lots of people think you’re a scourge, a parasite that charges a million euros for doing something considered immoral. You lose your dignity and your honor to dedicate to this.

I get some pretty offensive messages from people who disagree with what I do, and I have repeatedly denounced in Facebook to the point of almost losing my account. But removing these things, that are trifles in the end , I have never suffer anything serious.

How are you off camera?

I am a very active person, so I use every second of my free time learning new things to evolve as a person. I am especially interested in emotional intelligence, and most of the books I’m reading now deal with the subject . I have been reading for some time “Flow ” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and is driving me crazy. It explains how to enjoy every moment, even when you have to perform repetitive or boring tasks. A highly recommended read.

I also love sports and try to take care of my physical condition, I recently got my diving certification, and I’m also trying to learn how to do snowboarding. On this last trip I pushed hard my body, and I ‘ve realized that I need to work more over my body if I want to do all the things I’d like, so it’s one of my main goals for this year.
I studied Fine Arts, specializing in video and photography, so most of my free time I am developing my skills behind the camera. I see tutorials on the internet and I try to be aware of what is happening in the photographic scene. I am addicted to tutorials and “Ted talks” .

I don’t waste my money, in fact I ‘m saving every euro gained to spend it on trips around the world. My last destinations were Australia and New Zealand.

What kind of music do you listen to?

It changes.
I like the sound of vinyl records, the background noise of the needle scratching the record gives me goosebumps so occasionally I take a hot cup of tea and relax just listening to it.
The “Live in Paris” of Supertramp has been sounding for a few weeks, but between my collection you can find things like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple , Pink Floyd, Meat Loaf or AC / DC. In modern music I like electronics: Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Infected Mushroom, The Chemical Brothers …

What football team do you like?

I do not like football. I was working as a photographer at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for a while, and I ended up hating the state of uncontrolled euphoria in which people are when going to watch the games.
I wish people experience such deep union in some other issues that I consider more important.

You are from Madrid … what’s your favourite area of the city?

I love the Malasaña area, you always find people on the street, there are infinitely locals and interesting shops and many of the streets are available for pedestrians. Furthermore, although it is in the center, it’s away from the bustle of the busy tourist area of Sol / Gran Via .

Also I have very nice memories of the Azorin park in Vallecas area, where I spent much of my childhood. It was where people in my school went when classes ended. And it has stunning views of Madrid .

Do women masturbate much or little ?

Generalize this topics do not make much sense. I think that in order to measure how much a person masturbates, there are factors that should be analyzed, as their religious beliefs, their cultural level or type of education received.
To summarize my answer, I think that depends on the woman. I personally masturbate once a day or sometimes even more, depending on the season and how I have my libido. I bought a few years ago a “Hitachi magic wand” and since then it has been a non-stop, I used it so much that I’m almost lost the habit of using the hands.

Give us a tip to the wankers to try to give more pleasure to our partners …

Listen to your partners and enjoy what you do. Communication is the most important factor in satisfying your partner. Try new things and listen to their reactions. At the end she will end up telling you that what she likes .

What projects do you have in mind ?

As an actress, the next few months I will be shooting for a few companies . In a few weeks I’m going to Barcelona, ​​then to London and later Budapest. From AbbyWinters to BangBros, SexArt or Lust Films …soon you will see all the details on my blog!
As a producer, we continue developing the distribution platform Omnia -X and shooting new scenes. The wait will be worth it.

What fears do you have?

Since I was very small I had a great fear of the sea. In fact, until some moths ago I couldn’t even swim .

However, just a year ago and thanks to my boyfriend, I discovered the world of diving and although at first I was not at all convinced, I ended facing my big fear. I love wildlife, and see the fish moving freely and interacting with other living beings in their natural habitat makes me immensely happy.

So last summer I sign up to swimming lessons, and I just get my diving certification course, called “Open water”.

Do you think is hard to live as a porn star? I say this because I see many actresses that appear and have boom and then disappear.

This work, like any other , gives money if you work in a serious and professional way. The fact that many girls disappear quickly in the industry I think it has more to do with don’t have clear goals.

Working in porn affects your daily life, and maybe your neighbor, your college classmates or even your own family find a photo or video of you online. Sometimes it is hard, and many people do not think good of you if you belong to this industry.
It is essential to have clear your principles and your goals, and to take the criticism that sooner or later you will encounter along the way with good face.

How much time will be have Amarna Miller in porn?

Many, many more. I adore working as an actress as much as I like being behind the camera, so whether it’s in one way or another I will be shooting for quite some time .

I am fully aware that my job as an actress is overdue. It is by some kind of accident or simply by age, there will come a point in my life, not so distant, in which I could not continue recording because producers would not want to hire me. Until that moment I will enjoy every one of the shoots that I have, while I’m increasing my technical skills behind the camera.

Thanks to Omnia -X, the production company in which I work, I have the opportunity to learn something new every day in this business. And my job as an actress helps me to understand how other production companies work, and gain knowledge that recording by my own would take months to develop. I can not complain!

In Melacasco , I have named you as “The next Rebeca Linares” … what do you think?

Orgasmatrix I called “the Spanish Stoya”, in Melacasco “The next Rebeca Linares” …How I feel? Absolutely flattered and very happy! Compare myself with the greatest porn star that has given the country is awesome.
However, although I admire the comparison, I am myself, and my work speaks for itself .

For the fans who are reading this interview … what would you honestly say about working in the porn world?

That is not gold all that glitters. Many guys write me asking how to become a porn actor, without thinking that it is hard work, and sometimes frustrating. You have to have an erection at the right time and not cum until they tell you to, maintain the erection during breaks (which are often quite long)… And if you can’t cum at the end of the scene, you will not get paid.

Although, if you really have what you need to have to be worth as an actor this work is absolutely wonderful. I personally love my job, but I think you need to keep things very clear to devote to it in a healthy way.

Tell us a porn actress you think may be the next boom

I keep on repeating this in all my interviews, but I think Silvia Rubi was and is the actress with the most potential we have in Spain. She’s gorgeous, has a great body and detach sexuality for each one of her pores.
A couple of months ago I was fortunate to work with her and Rebecca Crow as photographer and camera for an external production of Omnia -X, and I was amazed with the result. I knew that Silvia works fine , but I had never seen her in person recording…and it’s amazing.

Also, I think that Amber Nevada would be the other big name in Spanish porn.

To be an actress … Have you been inspired by other actresses?

There are many actresses that I have liked over the years, but if I have to name just one, it would be Sasha Grey. She’s incredible on camera and also a very intelligent woman. She retired in the prime of her career not to damage her image and to explore other fields that interested her, like writing or doing artistic modelling.
She took the fame and the contacts she had gained through her job to enter into other areas. I think it’s a great example!

Also , I really like Stoya by her ability to detach sexuality and passion in each of the scenes she does. I love Belladonna too because she has been in the industry for many years, recording thousands of scenes and finally settling down with her own production company.

With who would you like to shoot in the future?

I would be happy to do a scene with Stoya, but for now Digital Playground is keeping her safely, and honestly I see it quite complicated. Within lesbian partners I would choose Malena Morgan, Elle Alexandra and Tiffany Thompson, and for shoot straight porn I would do it with James Deen, Manuel Ferrara and Toni Ribas

Within the Spanish panorama, I would love to repeat a scene with David Moreno and record for the first time with Adrian Yuyu, Gabe Tonic and Franck Franco. And as for the girls , (I get tired of saying this in every interview I answer ) I can not wait to shoot with Silvia Rubi, Carolina Abril and Salma de Nora .

What do you think about CasqueroX?

He’s a good character, but personally I think you should show a little more about the person behind .

Can you tell us your social networks …

Of course! I have Twitter and facebook but I update the most my blog

What do you want for the year 2014?

I spent the new year in a campervan in the middle of a desert in Australia. I hope this next year begins at some other wonderful place. Tanzania, perhaps.

Finally … write a synthesis of 3 lines of how you feel today.

I ‘m answering this interview in the middle of a giant roadtrip around Australia. I went from the south coast of Melbourne to Mackay in Queensland, arriving within a month at the north of the continent. I have seen hundreds of wild animals, from wombats to platypuses, echidnas, snakes, possums and giant emus. I can write the synthesis of how I feel today in three words better than in three lines: Extremely happy.

Thank you very much for the interview 🙂

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