Interviewed by Jóvenes escritores: “White sheets filled of Amarna Miller”

And here comes another of the interviews that I have answered lately, this time fir the website “Jóvenes escritores” and made by Victor Hugo Ramirez.

In it I talk about my goals in life, my favorite artists, the pornographic revolution and how I see my future. I leave here a piece of text but you can read it entirely through their webEnjoy it! And give me your opinions! (Yeah, it´s in Spanish)

The basis in which I attempt to cement my life and my decisions is to always do what makes me happy. Although it sounds very simple, actually it requires a great exercise of self-knowledge and learn to listen to yourself, your true desires and the things you like without fear of social pressures.

My intention when I started in porn was exactly that… to have fun! At first it was just a hobby, basically because I was still studying my degree and I had no time to devote myself to it full time. Once I finished college, I started working as a porn actress and producer, and today I still love it. Porn allows me to live the life I want: Earn money while traveling around the world and having sex with people I like. In addition, it allows me to open the horizons and boundaries of my sexuality, discovering fetishes that in a normal life would have been impossible to fulfil.

This job is not for everyone (you have to love sex, travels and an unstable life) but in my case is more than ideal.

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