Interviewed by Complot Magazine

Despite the unfortunate title of this interview (“Amarna Miller, the porn actress who also is a writer”) I decided to stand up for the words that Complot Magazine dedicates me in its article.

In this interview I talk about my book “Manual de psiconáutica” the barrier between my private and public figure and how I decided to live my without considering the fears of others.

I leave here a small fragment of this interview, but you can read the entire text on their website.

What is “Manual de psiconáutica” by Amarna Miller? A mirror, a form of relief or fiction?

The definition I make about this book is my personal labyrinth, my nook, my innermost. Everyone has seen me naked on the internet, but in this book you will find something else, what I have inside, my thoughts and feelings and the pieces of my heart I have put out on these pages. So yes, it’s a mirror.

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