Interviewed by “Adult DVD Talk”

It has come already published the interview I did for Keith Mason, director of the web “Adult DVD Talk”.

You can read all my answers in English through their website, but I leave here some phrases 🙂 I hope you like it!


I love to act in my scenes, but in the sex part I’m never performing. One of my own rules to accept a job is to really feel attracted for the actors and actresses I’m going to shoot with, so when you watch me fucking it’s the real “me”, doing the things that I like. Not fake sex, please! Despite this, I think I enjoy both areas of my job equally! Sex is always welcome, and I really love it, but to get into one character and improve my acting skills in the comedy part it’s also exciting.


I’m terribly exhibitionist, so the best part of having sex on screen is to know that there are going to be a lot of people watching me fucking. I also love to have new experiences and fulfill sexual fantasies that would be complicated to do in a normal life. Everyday I’m in a new part of the world, knowing people and having fun. I love my job!


I studied Fine Arts and I enjoy art in all its forms, specially photography and video. I take a lot of pictures when I’m travelling and I always upload them on my blog. I can focus in this area of my personality thanks to my website, as I’m always taking pictures of the shoots thinking “By this way people can see how my life looks like”! I like antique things, specially dolls. I started to learn how to restore them when I was 14 and my collection is enormous. I know this is a little weird but I usually go to auction houses to see face to face the old furniture and objects. I enjoy to go to museums but I usually don’t have time to do it! Everyday I save one two hours for doing exercise, read and meditate. It calms my mind and allows me to confront my day in a happy, positive way. I also love to have outdoor experiences, from walking though the forest to taking pictures of wild animals. I was recently in Australia and it was probably one of the best experiences in my life: so many nature and wilderness everywhere! I do scuba diving and I want to learn how to climb.

  1. Amarna, This is a great Article and I have to admit that it a real treasure that you like to have your fans and the public become part of your daily experiences. This is genuinely nice of you to do. I am hoping that I will be able to see you at Expo this year. I live just south of Vegas about an hour’s drive but I intend to be at Expo all 3 days this year and you are one of the people I wish to meet in person. You are a wonderful Model and a better performer as your article above attests to. I really enjoy watching you perform and I have quite a few questions I would like to ask you about your Love for Fucking and enjoying Sex as you do. Thank You for reading this and I hope to be seeing much more of you in your future releases. By the Way, I Love your nipples. They seem so suckable when they rise to a sucking occasion. Thanks again for Reading. Sevensdeep.

    1. Hi Sevensdeep! Yes I’ll be in the expo signing in my agency’s boot, ATMLA 🙂 I also will bring all my merchandising so if you want to purchase a signed picture, stickers with my face…it’s the right time! See you there ^__^

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