Interview in “The exótica journal”

Armed with a bottle of horchata, Lye came to my loft last summer to make this interview, one of the most intimate that I have ever done. Here I speak not only about my career as a porn star but also about my life, my interests and my ideas.

Here you have some pieces, but if you want to read the whole text I recommend you to enter her website “The exotic Journal” .

“Somehow, I’ve always found very hypocritical the meaning given to sex in this society. Researching about this area in a theoretical way, I asked myself why children dolls do not have have genitalia. […] what’s so stupid about sex is that it’s a taboo even when in fact is the most natural thing in the world. […] when I was 17 none of the girls my age admitted that they masturbated, and I thought it was so weird…”

“I started saving everything I could working as a model to take forward this idea, and so Omnia -X (my producer) was born. All my money was invested into paying the whole team, and it was a little hard. The results we have has been the result of trial and error until a year ago, where I can already say that what we are doing is close to what I wanted to do at first. ”

“I think my head is a mix of images between Jaure Mur and Gaspar Noé, something super bizarre, horror vacui, lights, colors, flashes, Tokyo… the use of light and color … Lots of color. “

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