I’m in the italian television: “Lucignolo: Budapest, nel regno di Rocco”

In the last scene I shot with Rocco for Evil Angel, the Italian television was filming around.

They asked me some questions and shoot a few videos, which appear in the documentary dedicated to Rocco Siffredi “Budapest, nel regno di Rocco”.

The other actors in the scene were Markus Dupree, Ian Scott, Mike Angelo and the pretty Nikita Bellucci. Also in the backstage there was Franceska James, waiting for the shoot that she had the next day.

Of course, everything is in Italian, but you can understand it very well! I’ve seen it completely and I have understand everything.

For the lazy people, I appear in the minutes:
6’28” and beyond until 10’30”

It’s worth it to watch it only to admire “Rocco’s world” and laugh with Nikita doing crazy things with a bugui.
You can see the video here.

Soon I will do a summary of this shoot, so stay tuned!


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