I did a collaboration with the artist Juan Zamora at an exhibition in Zaragoza

To all people in Spain! If you find yourself in my land, from now on until November 27 you have a mandatory stop at the “Casa de la mujer” in Zaragoza, where you will find “El bosque interior.”

The exhibition takes the figure and writings of Teresa de Avila showing them as artistic pieces … And there I am! Collaborating with Juan Zamora, in the creation of a figurine of my body, from my planted shadow will sprout flowers along the exhibition.

Pretty, isn’t it? I’ve only been the model, but Juan deserves all your attention.
If you go to the expo, please remember to take pictures and publish them in the comments!

  1. ¿Dónde puedo comprar esa figurica?

    1. Es una obra artística, no únicamente una figura 🙂 ¡Tienes que contactar al autor, Juan Zamora!

  2. What a beautiful concept! I love the one with the two little seedlings.

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