I am not poor

the poor are those who believe that I am poor. I have few things, yes, the minimum, but just enough to be rich.

I want to have time to devote to the things that motivate me. And if I would have a lot of things I would have to attend them and could not do what I really like. That is the true freedom, austerity, consume little.

The house small, in order to devote time to what I really enjoy. If not, I should have an employee and that would mean an intervener indoors. And if I have many things I have to care for them so no one steal them. With three things I have enough. My wife and I clean and use the broome, and it’s over. So we do have time for what really excites us. We are not poor.

Words by José Mujica, President of Uruguay, in response to an article in the Spanish newspaper ABC entitled “Jose Mujica: the poorest Prime Minister in the world.”

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