From Istambul to Venice: day 2

July 11th year 2013 : Athens

After docking at the port of Athens at 2:00 PM, we left the ship with the intention to take the metro to the Acropolis . The heat was really choking (I’m not exaggerating if I say that there was about 35 degrees in the shade), so I smeared sunscreen not to appear again in Madrid being the crab girl.

The road became eternal, although a sympathetic villager showed us the right way when he saw us lost in the station. We walk a little and after crossing a small mountain…voila! All the temples were there .

Somehow cruelly premeditated, our cruise coincided with an even bigger one if possible, full of Italians. So there we are, on the top of the Acropolis with 2,500 Spanish people and 3,000 Italians. Oppression. Heat .Eternal queues.

But once inside…fiu! People gather on the Parthenon (Although I do not understand why, as it is full of scaffolding on all sides except the back row and I fled , taking refuge in the shadows I find, to see the area that really interests me : The Temple of Athena Nike . All its friezes are in the British Museum, and basically what we see is a reconstruction of the 19th century but ,what the hell! It is still impressive. I get on a rock and I scan the horizon; in the distance I can see a few ruins, including a temple surrounded by greenery .

After crossing the Acropolis and get no sunburn, we decided to walk down the mountainside to reach Plaka, the most emblematic area of Athens.
However, we discovered a street full of antique and thrift stores…and I love it! We entertain ourselves and time flies by. People in the stores are super friendly and the treatment they give us was wonderful. It turns out that we are in Monasteriaki , one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.

We have spend there a lot of time and nearly we have to go back to the ship, so we looked for somewhere to have lunch. I had something called “zucinni”, a sort of falafel made with carrot? topped with yogurt sauce. Later I discover that the restaurant in question had 5 stars on tripadvisor.

Back to the ship we climbed to the deck to enjoy the fresh air as the ship sailed from the port of Athens. I drink a pina colada and a burger as I watch the sunset… the calm comes over me and for a moment I have a great feeling of happiness. I wish I could see this every day.

In the dinner, they served traditional Greek food with unpronounceable names: something fried with feta cheese, tomato and some vegetables stuffed with rice that I did not like, called dolma. For desser , delicious figscheesecake and baklava. If I do not come back fatter that will be a miracle.

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