Flyer in the exhibition “En pelotas” by EFTI

For those who have no idea of what “EFTI” is: It’s a photography school based in Madrid, with a pretty good reputation in terms of photo schools in Spain are concerned.

What is my surprise when I receive a message from Sandra Torralba a few weeks ago, saying that I appear in the flyer of the exhibition “En pelotas”. And later a call from a friend, “It’s you, I’m sure it’s you!”. Sandra sent me the following picture:


Here we have, it’s me! As a poster in an exhibition with more than 40 artists…how an honor.

Doing a little research, it turns out that Miguel Oriola, photographer delightfully crazy with whom I had the pleasure of working some time ago, is among those artists. And his photo has been chosen as the flyer.

Here I post some pictures of this photo shoot with Mr. Oriola, I hope you enjoy them!

(Not recommended for sensitive readers: I most of them I look like Voldemort)

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