First day in Santa Fe

Digging through old texts I have found this wonderful post about my first day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. No idea why I didn’t publish it on time (August 23, 2012), but I copy and paste the text for archiving it on here 🙂

And remember that you can see many other posts about my adventures in America, and that crazy trip we did from Texas to California.



First day in Santa Fe! (First full day, at least).


I still can’t find an adapter for the laptop 🙁 so I’m handwriting again. I have much jet lag, today I got up at 7:00 and I could barely keep sleeping.

At 9:00 there was an event in the gym, a sort of gymkhana with the excuse to fill all the paperwork concerning the university: they gave us a welcome backpack with a canteen, an agenda and a paper to fill with our personal data.
In the paper there were 16 boxes that we had to paint with different colour pencils, that you found through the stands placed throughout the gym. So, we had to go through all the booths, where you were informed about different university-related things, in order to complete the paperwork. Just as in Spain!

Then we went on a tour through the campus (which has its own cinema, lol O_O) and two conferences, one specific about photography and  another for international students.

We ate at 12:00, I changed a thing about my subjects with my tutor (I’ve taken the course “Documentary photography“) and tried to buy a plug adapter without much success.

But I bought a prepaid phone and I used for the first time the credit card!

People are extremely sympathetic to a point somewhat overwhelming. It seems that everyone wants to be your friend without any kind of filter, everyone speak to you, they greet you and ask you what you’re doing. After 9 hours watching people all the time I’ve ridden and I wanted to flee, so I skipped the last two activities and went to explore the surrounding area on my own.

When it gets dark it’s quite cool, I’ll have to buy a sweatshirt!


Oh, and I have already a roomate. Her name is  Alex and she’s very nice … I think she comes from an Indian reservation or something like that (?) I don’t understand her very well. Tomorrow I have to do a compulsory community service, I’m still a little lost but I’m sure I’ll fix it soon.


crabbie between sheets


I took pictures of everything to show them to Zor … Hopefully I have  my computer soon!

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