FAQ: How did I lose my virginity?

I’ve seen a number of questions that are repeated continuously in my ask.fm, so I decided to answer them directly here.

Topping the list of Frequently asked questions is: How did you lose your virginity?

Well, I was a 16 years old teenager with no self-esteem and many existential questions. The torrid summer became the escape for a few follies between the change of course, and on my way I ran into a guy I liked a lot. We already knew each other. I had blonde long hair, rode a skateboard through the streets of the town and listened to Blink 182, The Offspring and Sum 41. He was a year younger than me, and far more experienced. We used to play Magic the gathering.

It was early morning, and it rained a lot. I didn’t like it. The couch on which we where fucking opened by half and my ass was constantly wedged between two pillows. I remember thinking “Is this all? All that fuss about how cool it’s fuck and …. is this it?”. I bled. I did not cum.

I went home in the rain with a mixture of disappointment and pride. I had finally taken the first step of that would become my turbulent and funny path of vices and virtues! From here everything will be joy and Marquis de Sade.

Obviously after some months and years, things improved. I learned to enjoy sex, I left my low self-steem forgotten with my skateboard and between one thing and another, I ended up in porn.

Probably this is not the most beautiful story that you have heard, but I can promise it’s real. I don’t know you, but I’m tired of reading stories of hot lovers and beds filled with rose petals.

And you … how did you lost your virginity?

  1. Wow, I’m 24 and I’m virgin 🙁
    I think I have no luck in love

  2. Bed of ros…..They are lying to you. They probably lost their virginity in the back of a dump trunk ha

  3. I was a late bloomer. At 17 I worked at a local pharmacy. I didn’t notice a local girl who used to come in just to gaze at me. She approached my co-worker and before I know it I am set up on a blind date. She was 17 and wasn’t super pretty but she was nice and she liked me. You are right, the first time wasn’t fireworks, but it was nice. We had intercourse in the back of her father’s car. It was a small car and I am 6 feet tall, not very comfortable. As a boy, I didn’t think about her cumming or not. We got better over time and we both enjoyed our time together. But as a young jerk, I soon broke up with her to be with other girls.

  4. I lost mine in my neighbors garage with my gf. We ditched school and planned to hang out at my place but my dad didn’t have to go to work as early as I thought so we hung out in the garage next door and I had her on the dryer and the hood of the car my neighbor was working on in his spare time. Lol

  5. Very interesting, 27. God bless

  6. Haha… Never did

  7. In a gangbang. I went to a large Univ. in the Midwest and was in a fraternity. There were these very horny local girls who did GB’s and that was how. Sad to look back now but then. It was all hormones and I’d have fucked anything that moved. Boys!

  8. I was in my freshman year of college and had gone from high school nerd/doper to somehow attractive college boy. I actually dated a lot, especially compared to years past. Somehow, I ended up with a fellow student, under a tree in a public park. It was dark and raining and she was on her period. I’m not sure it lasted long enough to leave an impression, but she was cheerful about it and we got together again (in a bed) later. I’m 66 and she and I are Facebook friends.

  9. At 19
    With a friend in her bed 20cm away from her lil brother who was asleep
    With clit lickin and all that
    Music in the. Background saying “but people are still having sex”
    She was studyng for med school exams
    At the end she said “relax im on prozac so im not that sensitive… You can come”
    And that was my first WTF in sex… After that it got better with other girls… Right now with black kisses and. Other stuff

    1. Incredible. It looks like a Larry Clark film 😀 Thank you for sharing your experience Weirdo! <3

  10. When I was 16 with a 20 y.o. girl on the my bed in my living-room.

    We were kinda punk-rockers and that evening were hanging over in the town and then it have become too late in the evening and I invited her to sleep at my place (I did not think about sex that moment, at least not more than average 16 y.o. guy thinks about sex 🙂 ) .

    The only place to sleep was my bed so we went to sleep being dressed (parents were not at home). In the midnight I got up and thought “Why not”. I have begun to kiss and caress her and for my surprise she did not say “No”. We have tried 3 main positions and than went asleep.

  11. It was October 31st, 2009. I was 17. She was experienced and older than me. We were at a bar, and she got me in the bathroom. IT WAS HORRIBLE. And I couldn’t finish, 30 minutes after they knocked the door. We tried it again twice that night, always me not finishing and her, well, having an orgasm each time (reason why they kept knocking the door). But, yeah. Probably one of the worst times. But at least it was with someone special. That was a good point. And the date was easy to remember too. Another good point… I guess?

  12. October 31st 2009, I was 17. She was older and experienced. We were in a party in a bar. She took me inside the bathroom and… when she screamed after the orgasm, they knocked the door. We had to stop. I couldn’t finish, the toilet was not specially clean, it was dark, and they were playing Marilyn Manson’s This Is Halloween. It. Was. Hoooooorrible. But, on the good side, we ended up dating for 3 years, and it got better. Faaaar way better. So, I guess, it could have gone worse.

  13. I would love to lose my virginity to you! (;

  14. Well , Nice to you Miller . . . Thats what social media or internet made for , every celeb should to be active like u . . LOVE U

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