Changes in my writting

I look at my latest posts and updates in twitter and I wonder, what image of myself am I offering? How much of myself am I showing to the outside world?
If someone completely unknown, who knows nothing about my life, my travels or my absurdities, comes to this website for the first time…Would he think I’m the typical stupid pornstar?

I talk a lot about producers with whom I work, photo shoot that I’m doing or the places I travel. But little, very little about myself. It is much easier to upload a nude photo shoot, with a short text, than work in a long article that talks about my thoughts, my beliefs and my way of being. When you upload nude photos, it is very easy to get compliments, and more followers. And sometimes it becomes addictive.

So over time, and almost inadvertently, I’ve gotten into a vicious circle of inertia posting texts without too much content and too little interest beyond onanistic .
Today I realized that this is not what I want. Nor is the way I want people to know me.

I started this blog to talk about myself, to make public my thoughts and ideas. I got into porn to change, putting my two cents, some of the false and hypocritical ideas that have the collective mentality about sexuality. To express my opinion and demonstrate that it was possible another representation of carnality.
And here I am talking about my shoots in Scotland, the pictures I did in Melbourne and all the producers with whom I shot in Australia, but without transmitting any message beyond.

And I do not like it. I really do not like it.

Not that I think that the fact of appearing nude in 90% of the photos I upload devalue my image as an intelligent person, neither that talk about my shoots or another superficial things is bad per se. But if that is the only side that I show of myself, I’m giving a false materialistic image that fits very little with my reality as a person.

I have a lot to say and very clear ideas. I ‘ve strayed, but it is wise to rectify. Those who follow this blog will see a change in my way of posting. Of course , I will continue talking about my work and promoting the shoots that I’m doing.

But there will be a small piece of Marina between the words.
Yes, Marina. Not Amarna.

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  1. Ciao Marina – I happened to know your real name almost since when I started following you some time ago. I really enjoyed exchanging emails with you regarding my trips to Spain, but mostly I just loved reading about your trip in the States, where you showed glimpses of the wonderful, funny, intelligent and witty person that you are. I’m glad you are coming back to that. Thank you.

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