“Ah Poo Poo Poo” or absurdity taken to the extreme.

“Amarna Miller must confront the challenges that come from having her speech stolen by rival bandits.”

With these enigmatic words, Darwin Carlisle starts his magisterial video “Ah Poo Poo Poo”, probably the most absurd thing I’ve recorded in a very long time.

Let me put you in context: My roommates and I, drunk on a Thursday afternoon playing around with the cameras. Can anything good come out of this turbulent mix? Dadaism, absurdity to another lever and lots of laughs. Judge for yourselves during the 50 seconds of this video and give me your opinions in the comments.


Ah Poo Poo Poo from Darwin Carlisle on Vimeo.

Interview and shoot with Black Mind Studios

Those who follow me on the social networks have already noticed that I’ve worked with the Spanish company Black Mind Studios.

I am very picky when it comes to accept jobs, even more when I see the status of porn in my country…so, why have I decided to shoot with them? BlackMind presents a sexuality without limits with a refined aesthetic, closest to the conventional cinema that to “normal” porn. Finally someone is trying to innovate, focusing on represent something new!

But above all, what I like the most about them is that they show a lot of paraphilias without stigmatizing them or putting them in the bag of the “strange” or “bizarre”. I have never been so horny seeing someone throwing up.

Have a look to the preview of the interview (in Spanish) and keep an eye on their website. This company will give us things to talk about 😉

Amarna Miller (Before the Scene) TRAILER from BlackMindStudios on Vimeo.

Too fat for porn

Today a company has canceled my shoot for “being too fat.” Too fat, I repeat.

It was a matter of time that I felt swallowed and regurgitated by the model of throwaway upon it is based any industry in which you live because of your image. Porn included, of course.
Obviously I did not have the same body when I started in the business: My boobs are bigger, I have more curves and after my American adventure I’ve gained a few pounds. Nothing dramatic, but enough for not being included in the stereotype of beauty that apparently is seeking this beloved producer.

I find ironic to talk about discrimination when I don’t even see myself as “fat”. Please, we need different body types and more diversity in the standards of beauty within the industry.

It is obvious that at some point my physical appearence won’t fit with what the industry is looking for (Is this my “first step” towards that way?) But frankly, I don’t give a shit. I love my ass, my curves and my body, and if someone doesn’t like it, just don’t look at it! because I still love me as I am.

Said that, I leave you here some homemade photos so you can judge for yourselves. No makeup and underwear marks included.

(The incredible pic of the cover is made by LMD photo)

“La exhibicion” will screen one of my videos as a porn director: “Eclipse”.

While doing crazy things in America I shot the video “Eclipse“, co-directed with Gabriel Sergent.

So for all those who write me asking to watch videos that have directed behind the cameras…This is your chance!
On Friday 12th at 17:00 the short film will be screened in the Valencian festival “La exhibicion. Cultura Sexplicita”. Here’s the program.

And what if you can’t go to see it? No worries, at some point I will upload it to the internet so everyone can enjoy it. When? No idea. Because I refuse to upload it to a tube and vimeo and youtube censor me.

I leave here all the information… I hope you like it!


SYNOPSIS: […] Sometimes I think of the sun and the moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss and the world stares in awe of their eclipse. […]

LENGTH: 4′ 19”
DIRECTORS: Amarna Miller and Gabriel Sergent.
CAMERA OPERATORS: Gabriel Sergent Quero & Silvia Rubi
EDITION: Amarna Miller
CAST: Amarna Miller and Mickey Mod
MUSIC: Candlegravity “Somewhere else”

2015, Los Angeles, USA