“Ah Poo Poo Poo” or absurdity taken to the extreme.

“Amarna Miller must confront the challenges that come from having her speech stolen by rival bandits.”

With these enigmatic words, Darwin Carlisle starts his magisterial video “Ah Poo Poo Poo”, probably the most absurd thing I’ve recorded in a very long time.

Let me put you in context: My roommates and I, drunk on a Thursday afternoon playing around with the cameras. Can anything good come out of this turbulent mix? Dadaism, absurdity to another lever and lots of laughs. Judge for yourselves during the 50 seconds of this video and give me your opinions in the comments.


Ah Poo Poo Poo from Darwin Carlisle on Vimeo.

“Window”, a video through the looking-glass by Darwin Carlisle.

My friend and housemate Darwin Carlisle recorded this little video with me just a couple of days ago. Discover the Amarna that is hiding through the looking-glass…

Window from Darwin Carlisle on Vimeo.


In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die.

Ever drifting down the stream,
lingering in the golden gleam,
life, what is it but a dream?

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There, by Lewis Carroll

I did a collaboration with the artist Juan Zamora at an exhibition in Zaragoza

To all people in Spain! If you find yourself in my land, from now on until November 27 you have a mandatory stop at the “Casa de la mujer” in Zaragoza, where you will find “El bosque interior.”

The exhibition takes the figure and writings of Teresa de Avila showing them as artistic pieces … And there I am! Collaborating with Juan Zamora, in the creation of a figurine of my body, from my planted shadow will sprout flowers along the exhibition.

Pretty, isn’t it? I’ve only been the model, but Juan deserves all your attention.
If you go to the expo, please remember to take pictures and publish them in the comments!

Lesbian sex on the beaches of Lanzarote in “Horizont 2”, by Sexart

This spectacular scene I did for Sexart came to light a few weeks ago and I could not resist to share it!

It was shot on the beaches of Lanzarote less than a year ago with the Czech model (and natural redhead, ahem) Linda Sweet, during the series of shootings that I talk about in one of my articles for El Periodico de Catalunya.

I leave here a few promo pictures, and below some backstage ones… I hope you like them!