Yes, I’m missing

First of all… I’m sorry.
It has been a while since I haven’t post anything on here, and I haven’t keep you updated on the crazy things I have been doing for the past months. The good news is that I’m back!

As you already know, I came back to California about one month and a half ago and barely one week after I was already taking the van on my way to Oregon.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-15_at_12.44.27 copy

There I participated at the Oregon Country Fair, a ultra hippie festival with a very similar environment to Burning Man. There I ate delicious things, met some really cool people (including the son of Ken Kesey) and I dyed my hair blonde.


From there we went to a village called Prospect, where we were working on an organic farm through the network wwoof basically picking strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I have also learned how to make natural ointments and homemade jam in industrial quantities.
Of course, during all these weeks we have been sleeping and living in the van, which happened to be way more comfortable than I expected. Among my plans it’s to improve the interior lights and welding a railing on top, put a real fridge and buy a generator (super necessary if I want to continue doing these trips!).

After the farm I returned to Los Angeles, I dyed my hair neon green and… Here I am! Getting the car ready to leave in a week to Burning Man, catching up on some outstanding work and taking a lot of pictures.

I promise I’ll keep you updated. Kisses!

(By the way, on this month issue of the magazine Primera Linea you will be able to find a more extensive and detailed chronicle of this trip.

A brief summary of my trip to Las Vegas and the AVN awards.

Those of you who follow me on social media must already know that two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for the AVN awards (which I was nominated for “Female Foreign Performer”). As many of you are asking me how the week went, I decided to leave you here a short summary.


I didn’t win. The award (well deserved) went to Misha Cross, but the convention was great, and just the fact of being nominated means a huge step in my career, especially considering this is my first year working in the US.


I made the trip Los Angeles-Vegas accompanied by my little pony Amber Nevada and the wonderful Yhivi (If you don’t know who she is … go look for her now!) It took us 5 hours to get there, but it seemed like an eternity. After arriving at the Hard Rock Hotel and sleeping like a log, four days of endless madness awaited us at the AEexpo, the erotic festival that precedes the awards gala. In the mornings I spent hours autographing DVD’s, selling stickers and signed photos at the booth of my agency, and in the evenings I had interviews, scenes, photo shoots and meetings with directors and people in the industry. Every night there were parties sponsored by different producers and agencies, but the truth is I was so tired after all these long days, that I barely attended any.

The good news are that, despite being a complete newcomer in this country, many people showed interest in me and I have already some projects on my back. Many fans came to see me and I felt incredibly valued … Sometimes I don’t believe I can be important to people who I have never met face to face!


The last day I went with Amber and Pablo Ferrari for the awards. People were dressed in rhinestone dresses, perfect tuxedos, perfect hair and makeup and such elegance that seemed straight out of the mainstream film industry. I think the winners were fairly elected and of course, Blacked swept the awards. Bella Danger and Riley Reid were the other two big winners of the night.


Once the craziness was over, we slept like angels and returned to Los Angeles the next day… and here we are! Ready to hit hard at the world’s largest X industry. I’ll keep you updated on how that goes … <3 🙂 [gallery link="file" ids="11535,11566,11565,11564,11563,11562,11561,11560,11559,11558,11557,11556,11555,11554,11553,11552,11551,11550,11549,11548,11547,11546,11545,11544,11542,11541,11540,11539,11538,11537,11536"]

New Adventures from Iceland: from Skogafoss to Svartifoss

After the journey in Landmannalaugar, we returned to the road heading towards the east.

We passed close to the Eyjafjallajökull (the volcano with an unpronounceable name that became famous a few years ago because it left Europe with no flight connections for a week thanks to all the ashes released in the eruption.) and stopped briefly in Vik, famous for its bad weather. We try to see a seal colony, but as you can imagine, the rain was so strong that we decided to go our way.


After stopping at the waterfall Skógafoss, we ventured to cross the Mýrdalssandur (don’t you think that everything in Iceland has names like “The Lord of the Rings”?).


This huge plain in the southeast coast of the island is actually a desert of black volcanic earth. When the Mýrdalsjökull glacier melts with the thawing, creates a torrent of water so strong and uncontrollable, that basically takes over everything on its path, including roads, bridges and houses. This phenomenon is called “jökulhaup” and although it doesn’t happen very often, it’s devastating. As we followed the direction of the main road, we saw several twisted metal beams on the sides and even a monument (which was another twisted beam, by the way …) dedicated to the last flood.


For many, many kilometers all we saw was flat land covered with gray stones and moss.

After a few hours driving through this landscape, we arrived to Vatnajökull National Park, home to the largest glacier on the island. There we stopped for lunch, talked about the next routes and took a walk.

It was already late and it was starting to drizzle, so the place was practically empty. Another good thing about visiting Iceland in the summer is that it never gets dark! We are in that period in which during six months a year the sun doesn’t go down, so you can take routes at dawn without worrying to bring a flashlight.


Taking advantage of the endless light, we headed towards the glacier tongue Skaftafellsjökull covered with shattered rocks along the moraine. We walked to the edge as we heard blocks of departed glacier fell to the frozen lake. It was quite cold, but what impressed me the most was the black color of the ice, totally covered in dirt and rocks, it was amazing!


After visiting the glacier, we took the route to Svartifoss, a waterfall surrounded by black basalt columns. There we found a funny looking bird that I haven’t been able to identify. If any of you is an ornithologist, I accept suggestions 🙂


We were really tired, but we kept driving until Jökulsárlón, where we parked the car in front its impressive lake with icebergs and slept soundly.


Stay tuned! Soon I’ll post the next chapter of my adventures in Iceland 🙂

Vote for me so I can travel to South America!

Let me tell you very briefly the reason of this post: I have made a submission to the contest “Destination South”, and I need your help to win.

What can you do to help me? Enter my profile in the contest and click on the button “votar“, in the upper right corner. No registration is needed, and will take only a couple of seconds. You can do it through this link.

What will happen if I win? They will pay for a trip of three months to the countries of South America that I choose, giving me € 1,500 per month to live as many experiences as possible.

What will you get if I make this trip? A detailed journey of my adventures, photos, videos and I also will record a personal diary every day showing all the crazy things I will be doing. Doesn’t sound bad, right?

I leave here the text I have written for my submission:


Hello everyone! My name Amarna Miller.

Besides from being a little bit crazy and absolutely addicted to adrenaline, I spend my life travelling around the world while I shoot movies with my favorite producers. After this statement I guess I have to mention that I am a porn actress.

Besides being nude on the Internet, I write for a few magazines and a couple of months ago I published my first book, “Manual de psiconáutica”. I studied Fine Arts specializing in video and photography and I love art in all its forms.

I spent three months camping in Australia while I explored the continent. I have done hitchhiking along the two islands of New Zealand, I did skydiving over the desert who saw the drop of the first nuclear bomb and also I have been touring Japan twice. I saw the most amazing animals while traveling in South Africa, and I made a trip along the southeast of United States, from Texas to California. My last big trip was to Iceland, where I spent two weeks exploring the island in a 4×4.
Traveling is my life, and what moves my life is being constantly outside my comfort zone.

I consider myself a free spirit, and take my life decisions based on what I think will make me happy. For the last 3 years I have no house, so I can say I’m a professional nomad.

Help me keep it like that 🙂


Among all the ideas that go through my head, one of them is making a video like the one I shot in Japan, what do you think?



And also dozens of photos like this!
Come on, help me keep doing crazy things around the world!


The first pictures of Iceland! Gullfoss, Geysir and Kjalvegur

Many of you have been asking me lately about the amazing holidays I took with my hubby to Iceland. Now after a month of editing the pictures, here is the first part of our adventure!

Step 1: The suitcase. Or how to survive during two weeks living in a car with a backpack of 22 liters. Here’s the content.



Step 2: The arrival. As soon we landed at Keflavik airport and picked up our wonderful Mitsubishi Montero fully equipped to live in (I’ll do another post about the interior) we headed east through Pingvellir to see Gullfoss and Geysir.


Step 3: The geysers. We arrived at Geysir, the geyser that gave name to the geysers (it bears repeating). A field of fumaroles and boiling water flows with two holes which propel pressurized water up to 100 meters high. Absolutely amazing.



Step 4: Rainbows and waterfalls. After the geysers, we went to see the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, where the water stream flows so strong that raises a soft layer of drizzle on the sides of the cliff. On the days with direct sunlight, which was the case, a giant rainbow shows up right above the water. It’s so beautiful… it makes my eyes hurt!



Step 5: Going to bed. We decided to improvise and take F35 north on Route Kjalvegur. The road is only suitable for SUVs, and after wading through a few rivers we realized that the car we rented was completely worth it. We went through the water without any trouble and soon snow was starting to appear on the sides of the road. We’re right on the hillside of two glaciers, which come together in that same spot!

We were completely alone and the views were spectacular, so we kept going for a few more kilometers until we discovered that the road was closed because of the melting glaciers.
It’s almost ten o’clock at night, but the sun still shines on the horizon … during the next six months, Iceland will not see the darkness. No problem. We parked on the side and put on our sleeping masks, surrounded by snow and huddled on the mattress in the back of the car, prepared for the new adventures that will await us tomorrow. 🙂