In two days will be the spanish general elections: Vote for the change

All of you who follow me through social media already know about my political affiliations, so because there is only two days left for the general elections in Spain, I won’t stop promoting.

For the first time we can finally break the stupid bipartisanship, so please vote!

At the risk of raising blisters and losing followers, here I leave these wonderful collages for you all to share everywhere. One censored and one uncensored picture. 20th of December, vote for the change!




Interviewed on video by Furor Vlog

I can only say: Amazing. Amazing questions, amazing interviewer and amazing interview.

Thank you Furor Vlog for giving me the opportunity to appear on your channel in one of the best conversations about feminism, gender, desire and porn I’ve had in a long time.
It’s almost 50 minutes long, but totally worth it! Here is the video (in Spanish), let me know what you think in the comments!


I’m going to Burning Man!

Just today has been a year since I came to the States with the intention of staying three months working in Los Angeles.


Just today has been a year since I set foot on the Playa, that infinite desert surrounded by sculptures, coloured lights and people wearing costumes.


Just today has been a year since I discovered that there are other seventy thousand people in the world whom I can share a way of life.


Just today has been a year since I set foot for the first time on the arena of Burning Man.

And today… today I’m coming home <3


PS-> For those asking, this is what’s the festival is about.

“Let’s change porn from the inside”, an article for El Sextante

After that talk I gave with Clara Serra and Beatriz Gimeno I was left with the desire to delve into a subject that always comes up. How can we change the current pornography? If we don’t like the content that exists, how can we support the companies we really sympathise with?

With these questions in mind, I wrote this article for El Sextante. Here is a fragment, but you can read it all (in Spanish) through their website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.56.59

Let me know what you think in the comments. I hope you like it!

During the last few weeks I haven’t stopped receiving criticism from some feminists fronts regarding my job and pornography in general. That girls are abused, prototypes of morbid beauty are represented, destructive patterns of behaviour are idealised and a long litany of reproaches that I think at this stage we all know well. A fraction of this reprimand is totally right, but a lot of the information that is publicly exposed is based on preconceived ideas, generalisations and stereotypes that have for years been settled in the popular imagination. In some way for wanting to introduce the porn actresses as victims of abuse, and also because the information available about the industry is fragmented and unreliable.

Keyboard porn

Leaving this clear as a starting point, I’m the first who thinks that the current pornography urgently needs a makeover. Now, of course if we want to come out victorious in this fight we must be clear about which are our weapons and how we have to complain to be heard. Because throwing lots of criticism and crucify the adult industry it’s useless if we don’t have an action plan for the content that is distributed to evolve. Let’s keep in mind that no matter how sexist it is, porn will continue to exist so let’s focus on improving it rather than throwing stones with our eyes closed.

[Keep reading in Spanish…]

Yes, I’m missing

First of all… I’m sorry.
It has been a while since I haven’t post anything on here, and I haven’t keep you updated on the crazy things I have been doing for the past months. The good news is that I’m back!

As you already know, I came back to California about one month and a half ago and barely one week after I was already taking the van on my way to Oregon.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-15_at_12.44.27 copy

There I participated at the Oregon Country Fair, a ultra hippie festival with a very similar environment to Burning Man. There I ate delicious things, met some really cool people (including the son of Ken Kesey) and I dyed my hair blonde.


From there we went to a village called Prospect, where we were working on an organic farm through the network wwoof basically picking strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. I have also learned how to make natural ointments and homemade jam in industrial quantities.
Of course, during all these weeks we have been sleeping and living in the van, which happened to be way more comfortable than I expected. Among my plans it’s to improve the interior lights and welding a railing on top, put a real fridge and buy a generator (super necessary if I want to continue doing these trips!).

After the farm I returned to Los Angeles, I dyed my hair neon green and… Here I am! Getting the car ready to leave in a week to Burning Man, catching up on some outstanding work and taking a lot of pictures.

I promise I’ll keep you updated. Kisses!

(By the way, on this month issue of the magazine Primera Linea you will be able to find a more extensive and detailed chronicle of this trip.