Video interview by “La caja de música”

I have decided to promote a few interviews that I made this last months and I think deserve more attention.

Among them is this video interview I made for “La caja de música” in which the interviewer chose a special way to create the questions: He compiled quotes and phrases from Henry Miller (The culprit of my last name.) to ask me lots of things about my way of understand life, relations and future. In addition, we talked a lot about “Manual de Psiconáutica”, the poetry book I edited a couple of months ago with Lapsus Calami.
BUT it’s in Spanish! So I hope you can understand.

Also, don’t get overwhelmed by with my rate of speech! I’m Hyper!


My poem “I know exactly how I got to this point,” has been published on “Tenían 20 años y estaban locos”

The delicious Luna Miguel has published (I can’t say anything but thank you for all the promotion you’re doing… Thank you! Thank you Luna, if you read this!) one of my poems in her online collection of poets, deranged and dreamers: Tenían 20 años y estaban locos

I leave here, “I know exactly how I got to this point,” but if you want you can read it on her website, and even respost it if you like it!

If anyone can translate this poem from Spanish better than me please post it on the comments! My English skills are not good enough for this <3  

I know exactly how I got to this point.

Always aware of the corners that take out my eyes.
Always aware of my guts that do not fly.

Fearing that my friends forget the color of my face.
That my boyfriend splits it with books of poetry,
with tongues of glass,
with papers of calm, don’t get upset,
If you cry, it’s going to be worse.
Of broken flesh, broken bones, bitter blood.
A body that weighs and merges with the ground, with the world.
A body that takes root in the land because there is nothing else.
My life, reduced to a seed.

Always cautious.
Always sighted.
And never enough.


23rd of June, 2015



Too fat for porn

Today a company has canceled my shoot for “being too fat.” Too fat, I repeat.

It was a matter of time that I felt swallowed and regurgitated by the model of throwaway upon it is based any industry in which you live because of your image. Porn included, of course.
Obviously I did not have the same body when I started in the business: My boobs are bigger, I have more curves and after my American adventure I’ve gained a few pounds. Nothing dramatic, but enough for not being included in the stereotype of beauty that apparently is seeking this beloved producer.

I find ironic to talk about discrimination when I don’t even see myself as “fat”. Please, we need different body types and more diversity in the standards of beauty within the industry.

It is obvious that at some point my physical appearence won’t fit with what the industry is looking for (Is this my “first step” towards that way?) But frankly, I don’t give a shit. I love my ass, my curves and my body, and if someone doesn’t like it, just don’t look at it! because I still love me as I am.

Said that, I leave you here some homemade photos so you can judge for yourselves. No makeup and underwear marks included.

(The incredible pic of the cover is made by LMD photo)

Some nuances that I would like to add to my interview with Risto

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
For those who have not yet been able to see the conversation I had with Risto Mejide in his “Al rincón de pensar” here I leave the link through which you can enjoy it (My part starts in the minute 35).

I see that in the questions and emails I’m receiving there are some issues that are repeated, so I’ve decided to directly create this post to solve the most common questions:

About the STD’s

The point that is raising more blisters, basically because of the way they are dealing with my words in the media. Example:


First and foremost: this is an edited interview. After saying what we all have heard I add a few more points that have been omitted in the final edit.

I don’t trivialize STDs, but certainly I think there is a brutal social stigma that we should avoid. And that was exactly what I was trying unsuccessfully to prove with my words: give proper weight to some diseases that plundered on time, aren’t problem. And hence it is important to have regular tests 🙂

And, ladies and gentlemen, is not the same to catch gonorrhea than hepatitis!. In fact statistically, you all will have an STD at some point in your life, so you better be informed about it.

I explained in a previous post the kind of tests that we do in porn to be protected from diseases. Although they’re very safe, sometimes because of the window period it is possible to contract a disease. And with “disease” I mean only gonorrhea and chlamydia, which are easily removed with antibiotics
If you are worried about HIV or Hepatitis it is virtually impossible to catch them if we get tested every 14 days / 1 month. But if you do not belong to the industry and you get tested from time to time, certainly the only prevention is to use condoms.
Someday I will post a longer article talking about transmission of STDs and real risks, but meanwhile here I leave the website of the Clinic Open House, that explains it pretty well. (In Spanish)


About Polyamory

I am happy to receive messages from people that could find in my words a new way of understanding their relationships. Are you looking for more information? Here are the questions my boyfriend answered about it, and my personal opinion on how I manage my relationships.
In addition, I recommend you to take a look at the web of Golfxs with principles (In Spanish), and that you you read these books:
The ethical Slut
Opening Up
Dawn of sex


About the beginning of my career and the blurry faces

Yes, I’ve recorded scenes with amateur aesthetics (Taxi Fake, Fake Agent, Female Agent …) but in the interview I say that at the beginning of my career it was something I was not interested in.
In these five years in porn my tastes and my limits have evolved and expanded. Many practices and shooting styles that initially I did not want to do, now are a turn-on.

About the salvation of my soul

It’s amazing how many emails I’m receiving worried about my spiritual ascension, I guess in part because of the appearance of the Father Fortea during the interview …
Yes, I’m an atheist. No, I don’t want to leave to porn.


About the manipulation of information
Many media are testing my patience with what I decided to call the “sweet can” effect.
Without going any further:
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 00.51.44

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 11.03.15

It seems that people like to get things out of context and add statements that I did not say. (Point 1: You can not work every daym Point 2. Not all scenes are heterosexual and therefore you earn less money, Point 3. Yes, 300 € sucks).
This a complete logical fallacy.


About trafficking

No, there isn’t trafficking in the industry. I do not care about all the horrible things you have read on the internet. If anyone has a reliable data (And no, yahoo answers or taringa are not reliable sources) that can support human trafficking within the industry, post it in the comments.
Seriously, this is a myth.

About the custom videos and prostitution
No, I do not offer prostitution services.
When I say on my website that I do custom videos, I mean that YOU give me the idea and I shot the video for myself. No, you can not appear in the video.


About is it was prepared
It was the first time Risto and I saw each other (If you look at the beginning of the interview I refer to a “gimkana” because they even bring me blindfolded to the place of recording, so I couldn’t see him before!) and no, neither the questions nor the answers were prepared.

Yes, I speak that fast. And if there are answers that sound prepared is because everyone always ask the same questions and I already know what to say, not because I knew what Risto was going to ask me. (How did you get started in the industry? What do your parents think? Why are you in porn?)

And no, the necklace I wear is not a submissive collar.

Thanks to all who have dedicated me nice words through the media, social networks and emails … <3 🙂 Now ... What do you think about the interview? Give me your opinion!   [gallery link="file" ids="10126,10129,10128,10127,10147,10146,10145,10144"]

Come today to see me in the presentation of “Manual de psiconautica” or tomorrow at the book fair of Madrid.

Tonight at 20:00 I will be in the Aleatorio Bar of Madrid (c/Ruiz No. 7, very close to the Plaza del 2 de Mayo) presenting my book “Manual de psiconáutica”. If you want to come, I’ll be reading excerpts, socializing and being a little silly.

What if you can’t come tonight? Nothing happens! Tomorrow I will be signing in the Book Fair of Madrid, in the Retiro Park. These are the booths and times:

June 13th at booth 46 (Punto y Come) from 11:30 to 14:00 in the morning.
June 13th at booth 165 (Muga) from 19:00 to 21:00 pm.

There you can buy my book, know me, give me two kisses, dance a sardana and even receive a delicious dedication!

What if you can’t go to any of the presentations? Well, then you should buy the book through the website, because it’s pretty good and you won’t regret it!

See you during the weekend 🙂