In two days will be the spanish general elections: Vote for the change

All of you who follow me through social media already know about my political affiliations, so because there is only two days left for the general elections in Spain, I won’t stop promoting.

For the first time we can finally break the stupid bipartisanship, so please vote!

At the risk of raising blisters and losing followers, here I leave these wonderful collages for you all to share everywhere. One censored and one uncensored picture. 20th of December, vote for the change!




The three cornerstones of success in porn

I just came back from having a really interesting conversation with my agent, in which we discussed the features that a girl must have in order to be successful in this industry; and I think we’ve arrived at interesting conclusions. I’ll share my impressions here…

The three cornerstones of success in this industry are the following:

Appearance: Be beautiful, with a proportioned body. Overall, be physically attractive.

Attitude: Arrive at the shoot in time, transmit positive energy, learn the scripts before arriving to the location and make the shoot simple and easy for everyone.

Performance: Get to know what positions look good on camera, get involved in the sex, seek intimacy with your partner …

If these key elements are fulfilled, perfect! But if there is some imbalance, it’s better to make it up in time by giving the best of you and taking advantage of your strengths.

It won´t matter how beautiful you are or what a positive attitude you have, if you’re late for all your shoots or you don’t look well on camera: you will not make it.

Well, what do you think?

How to achieve meditation through pain (Confessions of a masochist)

I already talked about my masochistic tendencies in a previous article, and why I find pleasure in painful sensations; I also mentioned the concept of “Subspace“, that earthly nirvana which you can reach through BDSM.

Well, in today’s post I’d like to explain how you can achieve this condition of deep meditation through pain.

The so-called “Subspace” is a particular kind of trance. When an intense painful sensation repeats over time, your body stops fighting against it and your mind will loses the notion of space and time, and will and sets out on a flight beyond yourself.
Will you still be aware of what´s going on? Yes, but you will find yourself in a state of altered consciousness, of the kind you can also achieve with drugs, mindfulness exercises or hypnosis.

With acute sensations of pain, your body and your mind needs to concentrate all their energy on one single thought: dealing with the ache. All your senses are blocked, your body begins to secrete adrenaline and your conscious mind stops thinking. Fear blocks you, and at some point, you just experience a feeling of abandonment, and go into a trance.

You shouldn’t have specific expectations about the session, and you must not try to consciously reach the Subspace. Let the sensations come to you quietly and abandon yourself to them, as if they were a gift. Trying to force the subspace can stop you from getting to it. For me it helps to concentrate on my own breathing while receiving pain.

BEST (1)

If you want to give it a try, the most important thing is doing it with a person of trust, knowing your limits beforehand and having your head on your shoulders.
In my case, I lose so much connection with my body and the real world, that it gets harder to stop a situation, or say “no” to something. I’m in such a state of euphoria that my body just asks for more. I can barely speak. And that’s when the work of your partner takes place, realizing when it´s time to stop.

Of course, before starting the session, you have to agree to a series of clear agreements to determine where your limits are and what boundaries shouldn’t be crossed. The situation must be under control at all times.

One of the tricks of nonverbal communication that I have learned over the years, is the one of the two grips: your dom has to occasionally hold your hand tightly (previously agreed, of course) to check that everything is right, if you respond with two grips, it means everything is good and the session can continue. When verbal communication becomes difficult, this is a safe way to continue the game.
If you are not getting the grips back, the session will come to an end and it’s time to descend to the real world.

It’s important that the descent from “Subspace” is made slowly. This way your mind can return to a normal state gradually, and get used again to reality. Normally I can’t (or won’t) talk for a while after the experience, and quita will need about half an hour of relaxation to be myself again.
Meanwhile, I’m so calmed that I need to lie down or sit somewhere. At this moment, caresses, hugs and after care are necessary, because your body and your mind are fragile, still in a period of adaptation.
You may need hours or even days to process everything.

In my case, I think the bond I make with my dom is so strong, that even after a few days I keep feeling strongly about the experience, as if I were “high” every time I remember the situation.

The first time I got to the Subspace was through shibari, but little by little I learned that with the right people, you can reach this state in a million different ways.
If you want practical examples, you can see some of my scenes at, including the one I made for “Hogtied” or my first day on “The training of O“.

Keep in mind that there I have to maintain some of my consciousness, since I have to pay attention to the cameras and make sure the shooting is decent 😛

Be aware of the fact that in a deep state of Subspace, you can even have hallucinations.

I hope this helped you! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments 😉

I’m a woman and I want to be a porn actress. What should I do? (Part 3)

(Continuation of “I’m a woman and I want to be a porn actress. What should I do? (Part2)”)

-Overcome your fear of traveling!

In Spain they don’t produce enough scenes, and most porn actresses combine their work with live shows, webcam or bachelor parties. If you only want to record shoots (like me) you have no choice then to go outside of Spain. At first it is normal to have second thoughts and be afraid of the unknown, but once you see the quality of the productions you can participate in, it will take away any doubts you might have. I personally make more than 5 trips each month. Don’t get stuck in the Spanish market!

-Watch Porn

This is very important, since you have to know the industry you belong! Stalk producers, keep track of your favorite actresses and understand the business you are in. Take a look at websites who have information about industry and keep it up to date on what’s happening. Who is doing well? Who left the industry? Are there new producers and companies? Who are your main competitors? And so on … If you know all about, it will be easier for you to move around the business.


-Take care of your looks and have a plan B

Any job in which you live of your image and looks has a level of risk you have to be aware of. Because if you have an accident, or get sick, you will be out of work until you are recovered. Your physical attributes and your health are everything in this business!
For that reason it’s important to watch your diet, exercise and stay healthy. Get your mani-pedi, have a good waxing and shaving and don’t forget your hair care.
By the way, it doesn’t harm you to have a backup plan, either saved money or an alternative work which you could dedicate yourself if that fails. Think about the worst scenario and make an action plan so you don’t end up in the streets if something unexpected happens.
Again, watch your health and your physique and be farsighted.

-Have a good wardrobe

Most companies will ask you to bring your own clothes to the shoot, so it’s important to have a good wardrobe with almost everything they could ask for in the productions.
The essentials are: a pair of black heels and different sets of lingerie, but the more you work, you’ll learn what each company like best: Reality Kings wants casual clothes and high heels, SexArt is looking for more elegant dresses and flats and ATK loves sportswear. As you move forward in your career, you’ll need some clothing that you wouldn’t actually wear on a daily basis. In my case, I always wear leggings, crazy shirts and combat boots, so wearing strappy sandals and flowy dresses makes me feel kind of weird. But it’s necessary!


-Be persistent

Make producers and directors remember your face. Send messages, talk to them on Twitter, send emails with your most recent photos if they haven’t contacted you in a while. Make anything you think it would help to take you into account for the next job. Most of the time you won’t get an answer, but don’t panic!
Do you know how many times I have listen to a “I don’t contact producers, so they won’t think I’m desperate to find work”? Many. Endless. But this is not how it works! Big producers receive dozens of emails every day, and if they don’t answer, is most likely because your mail has been misplaced, not because they weren’t interested! I know what I’m talking about because it happened to me when I had Omnia-X.
If you think you really have what they are looking for in a particular company, insist until you receive a response. Always be polite and respectful, emphasizing that you really want to participate in their productions.
In my case, I was sending emails for years to some of the most important producers (X-Art, without going any further) until, a few months ago, I got my first answer with a resounding YES accompanied by a “where have you been all this time? ” 😛 I have six scenes for this week … so look! Not giving up works!


-Behave yourself serious and professional

Arrive on time at the location, have your STD tests printed and have with you everything they asked you to bring to the shoot (clothes, heels, ID’s). There is no need to say this, but never EVER go partying the night before a shoot, don’t do drugs or drink. Keep in mind that if the actress don’t show up at the shoot, the producer loses money, so it’s very unlikely that they will call you again. If you are sick, get your medication and take care of yourself the best you can, although if finally and for causes of force majeure you miss a production, report this as soon as possible and try to help them look for other options (for example, give the contact number of a co-worker you know that could replace you).


And that’s it, girls! These are my advices and recommendations to enter and stay in the industry. I’ve probably left something out, in that case I will add an annex later to this post. What do you think? Do you believe I left something important out? Also, if you have any questions and want to ask for my opinion, write it down on the comments and I will be more than happy to answer! 🙂

<3 The end <3

I’m a woman and I want to be a porn actress. What should I do? (Part 2)

(Continuation of “I’m a woman and I want to be a porn actress. What should I do?
(part 1)”)

-Learn To promote yourself

Now that you have chosen one method or another, it’s important to pay attention to your personal promotion. You want people to remember you when they are planning a shoot, so from now on your mission is to be the one everybody is talking about!

-Choose a good name
You want one that is easy to remember, but creative enough so there isn’t another girl in the business with the same name. Also, remember to check that the .com domain is free! Eventually I’ve realized that Amarna isn’t the best name I could have chosen, since companies often misspelled in the credits or scripts. For some companies I am “The Spanish” because they are unable to pronounce “rn”. Don’t make my same mistake.


-Create accounts on all social media networks, and register your domain.
If you already have a name chosen… run! Use it in all social media you can think of, even those that you don’t plan to use. It’s better to know you are the one who manages them, and also helps avoiding fake accounts that will appear as the time you get more famous.
Also very important, buy the domain name for your website before someone takes it away from you, because this will happen, and you will end up having to use a different name for your website.

-Create your website
It’s essential. This will be the first major investment that you will have to do with the money you earn. Your website becomes your cover letter when producers look up for your name on the Internet, so you want it to be pretty, modern and with all the appropriate information (don’t you hate when you search someone’s web and you find out that’s programmed in flash and designed in the 90s?). Don’t spare on expenses; hire a good programmer who knows what he’s doing and can give you what you’re looking for and also don’t be afraid to take his suggestions. My personal advice is: have fun with the templates! WordPress is cool, easy to use and has a very, very simple control panel. If you end up choosing the right template, and modify it accurately, you will see that the results are amazing. This you are reading, is a template.


-Have a good portfolio and take casting pictures.
You need good photos to send to the producers, agents and companies. They will have to be clear shots of yourself, looking flattering, as they will be decisive when it comes to hire you or not for a shoot. The more you start working, you will end up with a huge and good portfolio just with the pictures taken during the shoots, but what if you’ve just started? You have two options: pay a professional for book or work for exchange. I chose the second option and looked up for photographers that like me, wanted to expand their portfolio, so we worked both for free and got some good pictures.
My advice? Take casting pictures, because in the end those are the ones the producers take more into account. Take pictures from the front, the side and profile, with little makeup, smiling and with your hair down. Preferred raw, or with very little editing: remember that they want to see how you really look like.


-Grant interviews
Don’t say no to an interview, you can even offer to grant them actively within the media you like. Be honest if you won’t able to do them quickly and don’t commit to anything you can’t do. Also, remember to give enough information in your answers to the interviewer so you get a good article. There’s nothing I hate more than reading monosyllabic answers. Expand yourself!

-Make business cards
For some reason, people in the industry with business cards are rare, and that’s why doing a cool design and distribute your own, will give you advantage over your competitors. Every time you record a scene, give a card to each member of the team, so they will remember you. Mine also have different designs to choose from 🙂


-Wait for your “first times”

Because your first straight, interracial, anal, gangbang … scene is going to be highly prized! Take all the different practices easy, and I would certainly ask for more money if what you are doing it’s going to be your first time on camera.

-Learn English

This is almost one of the most important points, I would say, if you are going to be in porn for a long period of time.
The Spanish market is small, but if you combine speaking Spanish and also good English, it will open you the doors to international productions.
North and South America, Europe and Australia can become your work area while the other way you’ll be relegated to work within the Spanish and South American industry, which is quite small. Pay attention to the next point…


To be continued…