In two days will be the spanish general elections: Vote for the change

All of you who follow me through social media already know about my political affiliations, so because there is only two days left for the general elections in Spain, I won’t stop promoting.

For the first time we can finally break the stupid bipartisanship, so please vote!

At the risk of raising blisters and losing followers, here I leave these wonderful collages for you all to share everywhere. One censored and one uncensored picture. 20th of December, vote for the change!




My room, a closer look

Some of you have been asking me for more detailed photos of my room after seeing the ones I post on my Instagram so … Here they are! Excuse the mess! 🙂

I live in a three-storey house in a slightly crazy district of Los Angeles and share it with five flatmates and a kitten called Bermuda. We have a huge backyard where we make parties around a bonfire, and cultivate edible plants. The garden is growing and hopefully it will be completed by February. We also take care of four wild cats: Ginger, Langston, Muffin and Tuxedo.

My room is small, but it’s enough for what I need:


And at night is even cooler! I love the fairy lights 🙂


During the weekends we spend our time doing art projects, from creating the fanzine “The Lemon diaries” (which you can buy here) to make this wonderful mobile with paper cranes that glow in the dark.


And yes, what you see behind it was also made by ourselves. When my friend Nico Bertrand was still living here, we went to a shooting range to see how it was to shooting a gun. They put this paper as a target, and they gave it to us at the end. As you can imagine, we used the drawing as a template and we coloured inside it… Each of the eyes of the head is a bullet hole (Yes, we have a good aim).


On either side of this drawing there are a couple of stickers and two postcards from Vex Ashley, director of Four Chambers and one of my best friends. The postcards are gifts for sponsoring the project on the crowdfunding website Patreon… I recommend you to take a look!


On my bed you can see Bermuda, sleepy and looking at me with a bad face. When his owner isn’t home I take care of him, and we have grown fond.


This is my nightstand, in the upper left corner you can see a small projector. It shows pictures of northern lightsin the ceiling of my room, and sometimes I turn it on for getting asleep. You can also see the book I’m currently reading (borrowed from the beautiful Yhivi), incense and an empty bottle of Kombucha tea.

And here are the other books I’m reading, hiding under the table. What’s above them, are the instructions for building a solar dehydrator, my next plan for the backyard:


Some of the posters in my room. Bosch and Schiele, two of my favourite artists:


My closet (if you want me to, I can take more detailed pictures of it another day):


And a disaster box, where I keep the drawings, paintings and analog cameras. Whenever we are going to paint, I take them out and bring them to the living room 🙂


What did you think of this post? Would you like if I do more post like this? I never know if you are or not interested in such personal details about my life… Tell me your thoughts in the comments! *^_^*


(I would like to thank everyone who has helped me decorate this room by buying things through my Amazon Wishlist. All lights, carpets, my blanket and organizers were gifts … Thank you!)

I made a fanzine! Do you want to enjoy “The lemon diaries”?

Together with my crazy flatmates, I created the first fanzine of what I hope it will be a successful saga.


In a fit of Dadaist inspiration, we spend 12 hours creating “The lemon diaries“, a set of senseless texts, poems, drawings, collages and various nonsense. Anyone who expects to find some kind of argument in this book, you might leave now.


Because we are good samaritans and believe in the free exchange of information, we have uploaded a digital copy to Issu for those who want to enjoy it for free. Here’s the link..

But if what you want is the printed edition of the fanzine, numbered and full colored, it will cost you 5€ (+ 3€ of shipping if you live outside the US) and the payment can be made through Paypal or bank transfer. It’s in english, but believe me … the language doesn’t matter at all!


Attention! This fanzine is signed as Marina. Do not despair, for those who want, I can gift you a note signing as Amarna. And even send you an exclusive illustration, so that you can show off my extremely bad drawing skills.


And what will we do with the money we raise?
Working in creating a second number with (I hope!) a little bit more sense.

After reading this you’re still thinking you have better things to do with your money… Remember that art needs you! With your support we can continue doing this type of project! Sponsor my madness!


If you are already convinced that you want to have it in your hands, send me an email to and I will explain to you how to get it.

A big kiss to all of you, and don’t forget to share this post and criticize my words in the comments! Long life to The Lemon Diaries!

“Fake cumshots in porn,” an article for

I’m back with a series of articles I’m writing for, and this time I’m crushing one of the myths porn: Fake cumshots.

Because as weird it may sound, a very high percentage of the sacred ambrosia you see on screen is just white lubricant, moisturizer or even a gel medication for the stomach. Yes, you heard it right.


Do you want to know the many reasons why they fake cumshots? What kind of concoctions are used to simulate the divine nectar? The most wanted tricks of the industry?

Well, here I will leave a fragment of text so you can get a taste of it. You can read the full article through the web of Orgasmatrix..


There has been a lot of speculation on this site about the real size of the penises of porn actors, but not many have complain about the most established practice in the industry: fake cumshots. First of all, we must analyze why this happens. What makes a company wanting to distort the semen?

The first reason is the most obvious: the actor can’t eyaculate. For whatever reason (he’s not in the mood, it’s his third shoot that day or simply the body doesn’t respond properly to the call) it’s necessary to fake the climax.

The second reason is given by requirements of the scene. There are companies which are specially dedicated to the “big loads”, so in many cases they have to fake it, to fulfil the production standards.

The third reason is the most feared by cameramen in the industry: the ejaculation is not recorded due to technical problems. The actor has came properly, but either someone has clogged the plane (the actress has put his hand in the middle, the actor has moved and blocked the shot, etc.) or the memory card got full in the worst time or unfortunately the camera ran out of batteries. As they can’t repeat the cumshot, it’s when they fake it.

Lastly I’ll include what I call “lost creampies”. The actor has really came inside the girl, but somehow the semen doesn’t come out of the sacred hole, so you have to use other ways to show the audience that in fact ,there has been an orgasm.

Continue reading…


I appear on the supplement “Tentaciones” from “El País”, a spanish newspaper, talking about how I told my parents I was in porn

Taking reference on the book which was recently released by the legend of the LGBT movement Jiz Lee called “Coming out like a pornstar”, the supplement of “El País” has decided to make a series of interviews to national porn actresses and actors talking about how they told their families they worked in the adult industry. And among all them you can find me!

I’ll leave here a fragment where I talk about my personal experience, but if you want to read the whole article you can do it through their website. . And here you have an article I wrote about what my family thinks about my work in porn.


The most mediatic and talkative of our porn actresses, Amarna Miller (25), recognizes that she never officially “came out of the closet”. “I started behind the cameras with my own production company five years ago, so all the people who were close to me knew that I was engaged with something related to the sex industry. When I took the plunge and started as an actress, no one was surprised”, answers by email from Los Angeles. “At that time, I didn’t have much of a relationship with my family, and they found out when I appeared on the ‘mainstream’ media. I didn’t feel the need to tell them. Should I have called them to tell them I was a waitress? So why do I had to tell them I’m a porn actress?”, she asks.

“They were disappointed because they didn’t understand why I decided to do something linked to my image and body, when I had a brain”.

Eventually, they found out “by other sources”. And the consequences were “terrible”.
“With my friends it was all quite natural, but the conversation I had with them was full of unfounded stereotypes. They were disappointed because they didn’t understand why I decided to do something linked to my image and body, when I had a brain”, says Miller five years later, which resolves the situation with optimism: “They didn’t like it and still don’t agree, but at least now they accept it. The good thing is, after that catastrophe, we have strengthened our relationship.”