Am I a prostitute?

The million dollar question. Every day I get a few messages that in one way or another have to do with this topic, so I have decided to make this post as a quick link when someone asks me how much I get paid per hour.

I do not want to get into debates or quote lexical definition of dictionaries, so I will explain briefly what I think about this.

Yes, I get paid for having sex. But I do not have sex because I get paid. I mean: the people with who I have sex in my scenes really turn me on , and I would fuck with them in my life off-camera. I ‘m doing something that I love and ALSO I’m living because of it.

I do not fuck with everyone, inside or outside of the screen. If in a scene I do not like the actor, I reject the job. If I do not like the practices , I reject the job. If I do not like the quality, I reject the job.
I have never done and will never do a scene with someone who really does not attract me. And I will not do something that I don’t enjoy beyond the cameras, even for all the money in the world .
Because my sexuality and my interests are above any monetary amount.

I’m not selling myself. Although I get paid.

I’m not a prostitute, because the criteria that I apply when accepting a shoot go beyond the economic ones.

So if you have sex with people you like both front and back of the cameras, Why are you shooting? What gives it to you?
For me, the first difference is that there is a camera. And more important, the scene I’m recording is going to be seen for a lot of people.
I am extremely exhibitionist, and knowing that I will be seen for all this people gets me horny. So, add another big turn-on to the situation: being recorded.

But that’s not all. Porn gives me the opportunity to fulfill some sexual fantasies that otherwise would have been difficult to carry out: fuck in a sauna, Fuck with the roleplay teacher / student, being penetrated while I’m suspended by ropes from the ceiling.

And here are my reasons to be in the porn industry and enjoy it in a healthy way: I have sex with people who I like, I do things that I enjoy, I experiment with my sexuality and I fullfill my exhibitionist personality.

The money is not among my reasons.

Of course this is my choice and how I work. There are many girls in the industry who combine their work as an actress with being scorts or prostitutes. For me that’s great.
But in my case, and if you’re really considering how to sleep with me, give me money certainly is not the way. Offer me intelligence. Offer me fun. Personal evolution. New experiences. Challenges. Offer me sex. No money.

  1. Creo que has expuesto muy bien la diferencia entre prostitución y trabajo pero también creo que es muy tentador el hecho de usar un ideal erótico femenino para los hombres y re-venderse.
    El hecho de que te guste mostrar tus practicas sexuales es como un gran aliciente para que la gente se anime a verte en los videos. Nadie se suele creer al 100% los orgasmos femeninos en la pantalla y tu parece que con esto, confirmas que lo tuyo es real.
    Aun así hay quien mantiene relaciones sexuales con alguien que le atrae y descubre durante la práctica que no es lo que esperaba. ¿Te ha pasado alguna vez? Si es así ¿No se ha convertido esto en un trabajo al tener que aguantar contra tus verdaderos deseos hasta el final?

    1. En algunos videos me corro y en otros no. Al igual que en mi vida privada a veces me corro, y a veces no.
      Como nunca me veréis es fingiendo un orgasmo.

      En cuanto a lo que me comentas: ha veces he topado con gente no muy diestra en las artes amatorias, pero desde luego no me han dado ganas de acabar la escena antes de tiempo. Incluso aunque el sexo no sea una autentica pasada ¡Es divertido!
      Dicho esto, he de decir que los amantes que he encontrado en el porno en general son mejores que lo que he encontrado fuera de las cámaras. Al menos con los hombres. Supongo que porque tienen más práctica.

      Lo que si me ha pasado es tener ganas de que acabe una escena por las condiciones en las que las estoy haciendo: frío horripilante, estar colgada por cuerdas del techo durante horas, posturas sobre suelos duros que te destrozan las rodillas…En esos casos intento concentrarme en el sexo y en mi acompañante.

  2. u r not a prostitute. sex is a big time underdog in our society from atavistic time. u do what u do good. that’s why they call u a star.

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